Miliband: Stormont parties must carry on with welfare reform…

It’s well worth watching Stephen Walker’s interview with Ed Miliband in Manchester for last night’s Newsline. It’s not good news for Sinn Fein who’ve been counting Macawberlike for something to turn up with regard to their hold out on the negotiated welfare reform deal:

“The Labour leader said his party would abolish what he calls the “bedroom tax”, but said Stormont parties must carry on with welfare reform.”

Bum. Of course that that may not be what Sinn Fein was banking. Turning Northern Ireland into a basket case, is Newton Emerson’s best guess.

I’d prefer to hear someone from the party explain to us roughly how they plan to to stop these vicious cuts without the help of the Westminster Opposition party?

(H/T Kate for the IN scans)

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