#Indyref – According to Ashcroft poll, Protestants saved the Union #updated

Interesting post independence referendum poll from Lord Ashcroft (results mirrored actual referendum result).

calculated from Ashcroft’s data, makes clear, there does appear to have been a simplistic correlation between religious affiliation and referendum voting patterns. Essentially, the majority of Catholics, non-Christians, and those professing no religion all favoured independence. It was only the votes of Protestants which saved the United Kingdom. The vast majority of these affiliate to the Church of Scotland and may have been influenced by the fact that the Queen has a strong relationship with it

A quick breakdown of the vote is as follows:

  • Total:  54.6 of the Scottish electorate voted No and 45.4 voted Yes
  • 43% ofRoman Catholics voted No and 57% Yes
  • 69.1% of Non RC Christians voted No and 30.9% voted Yes
  • 36.4% of Non Christians voted NO and 63.6% votes Yes
  • 44.3% of No Religion voted No and 55.7% voted Yes

The Scottish Catholic Bishops are `in for a touch` with regards to the referendum in this weeks Spectator magazine and in another spectator blog “Professor Tom Gallagher, a Scottish Catholic historian, wrote a post here yesterday accusing the Catholic hierarchy of Scotland of covertly supporting the Yes campaign”.

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