“Black Thursday” on its way some time between tomorrow and the end of the financial year

So here’s the ‘paradox’: Sinn Fein’s resistance of cuts to the Welfare budget means not only is there a negation of the moderated deal they jointly negotiated with the DUP, but the fines will drop not in the post, but in the bank account on the first day of next year’s financial year.

UPdate: Here’s the text of Liam Clarke’s piece here.

You can pick up the detail here, including an interesting omission from the BBC’s [cough] impartial account which somehow ‘forgets’ to mention that not only Health (the highest spending department) but Education also has been ringfenced.

Adds: John Campbell with a more comprehensive account from the Beeb.

That means that the estimate of a six percent cut could be on the conservative side. With just six months to go, the Treasury is getting anxious…

You have to ask: Is this a cunning plan by Sinn Fein to downsize the public sector by stealth (ie, by getting the DUP/Tories/Enda Kenny the blame)?

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