Pat Kenny to go to work for UTV, Ireland…

I”ve never embedded a Vine video before, but there’s a first time for everything… Pat Kenny veteran RTE news and current affairs man has been bagged by UTV Ireland

He’s expected to be returning to TV in early 2015. The channel launches at the beginning of January…


  • Michael Henry

    I like to see any local Person / Business doing well- and it looks like UTV is going from strength to strength – well done to all involved-

  • chrisjones2

    Cute move in its drive into teh Republic

  • Mister_Joe

    Interesting how attitudes have changed in 20 years or so, from “Nothing to do with them” to “Maybe we have joint interests that we can work on”.

  • Jag

    Given the sums UTV is paying for its independently-produced programming in the South, I would guess that Pat won’t be coining it in with this new gig.

    He’s a talented broadcaster, without doubt. Prime Time was better with Pat. It’s lightweight and somewhat pathetic these days without him.

    Could UTV have done better? Probably, but they could certainly have done worse.

    Independent Newspapers (not controlled by Denis O’Brien, regardless of what the Sindo editor said, righ!t) are trumpeting the announcement. Mind you, Communicorp, (uncontroversially controlled by Denis O’Brien) has a significant financial exposure to Pat, with around €1m spent promoting Pat’s radio shows.

  • Michael Henry

    ” Pat won’t be coining it with this new gig “-

    Pat does not need the money-there could be other reasons like giving a slap to other media outlets or perhaps pat likes to see more choice and this is a great option-

  • Jag

    Hi Michael, I didn’t know you were Pat’s accountant.

    Pat was exposed to the property boom in the 2000s. His pal, Gay Bryne has gone public on his (Gay’s) losses. How did Pat fare? I don’t know, but you seem to…

    Pat’s 130,000 audience on Talk Radio is small compared to the profile, particularly visual, that the 500,000 (as it then was on occasion) Prime Time gave, so he may indeed be chasing the regaining of profile.

    A different voice? Naw, he’s the same voice as the lightweights on PT now seek to copy.

  • Joe_Hoggs
  • Michael Henry

    Notice that you used a four year old link Joe -where Pat was at risk of losing 12 months pay-hope he was fit to claw most of it back- when people in the public eye stop complaining about money these days that’s because they are worth a fortune-

  • Joe_Hoggs

    How much is Pat currently getting and how much will he get with UTVI?

  • Jag

    How much does Pat earn at Newstalk, where he presents a 2.5 hr mid morning radio show, five days a week? That’s a closely guarded secret! And there is speculation that his pay packet might be tied to increasing his audience (he gets around 130,000 listeners a day compared to 300,000 at the rival RTE Sean O’Rourke show). Figures bandied around in the press last year suggested an annual salary/payment of around €400,000 (GBP 320,000). If true, not bad for Pat in a country that’s one fifteenth the size of UK, in terms of population.

    How much will he earn at UTV? If it’s a nightly one hour current affairs programme on what will be Ireland’s third channel (kinda like C4 or Five in the UK) then he’s probably worth around €100,000 a year, but UTV might pay a premium in order to build an audience around a well-recognised (though at 67, getting on a bit), face.

  • Joe_Hoggs


    Thanks for that. I can’t understand why he would opt for such a drastic pay cut unless this is deemed semi-retirement and less stressful (target driven).

    The fact that UTV headhunted him is interesting, nobody is ever headhunted with an offer of 1/4 of their current salary.

  • Jag

    Oh Joe, next year Pat is not giving up his “day” job (the 10-12:30 mid morning radio show with Newstalk). The UTV gig will be alongside that job, as I understand it.

    Whilst at RTE, Pat presented a 10:00-12:00 mid morning, radio show 5-days a week, AND he was a part-time presenter on the prime time Prime Time TV news and current affairs show which broadcast around three times a week at around 9.30pm. Pat previously had his own news and current affairs TV programme, Frontline, but that was discontinued, after cost cuts and a few controversies (the 2011 presidential debate where Pat read out a bogus tweet which changed the outcome of the vote, being prominent). Pat was paid €950k by RTE in 2008, but by 2012, this had fallen to €630k and it was reported that RTE negotiations in 2013 centred around a €400-500k annual salary. That’s when he jumped ship from RTE to the private sector and joined the Communicorp-owned Newstalk.

    We don’t know what Pat is being paid at Newstalk or if there is a contingent or bonus element, dependent on audience (which after 12 months with Pat in the seat, has only modestly risen despite a €1m advertising campaign for listeners to “move the dial”). In my opinion, he’s not worth more than around €250k a year at Newstalk. We don’t know what UTV is paying, and UTV could well pay a premium to win share and establish a foothold. (TV3, the main private sector TV broadcaster in the South pays around €40-50,000 per year to most presenters). Pat would be worth more than that, but I wouldn’t think he’s worth more than €100,000 at UTV, but they may pay a premium.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Makes sense, I didn’t think he would just up and leave a 500k job.

  • mark7694

    ‘UTV Ireland’ just sounds silly. It’s understandable that they are just building upon the well-established UTV brand name in the north and expanding it island-wide, but to me it’s on a par with the launch of an ‘STV United Kingdom’ channel, or generally any regional TV network expanding it’s brand name to a national level.