Where do people get their news? BBC 1 & UTV out in front. But Sky News & Radio Ulster neck & neck!

Perhaps pertinent to my earlier post on the media, Ofcom have recently released their News Consumption in the UK report.

In Northern Ireland, the top news sources are BBC One (cited as being used by 65% of adults), UTV (56%), BBC website or app (28%), Sky News Channel (20%) and BBC Radio Ulster (20%). Lots more facts, figures and charts in the set of slides that accompany the report.

Ofcom top 20 news sources by reach NIofcom tv channels by nationofcom radio stations used for news by nationofcom national regional daily newspapers by nationofcom UK wide daily newspapers by nation

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  • Any reason the numbers in Fig 71 and Fig 72 different for UTV?

  • and the rest?

  • The base for slide 72 was “All who use TV for news” … slide 71 was “all adults in NI” …

  • Of course. Should have seen that.

  • MYtwocents

    “Where do people get their news? ”
    I state how I get my news from Al Manar, and I get,
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    who running this site, Mossad?.

  • sergiogiorgio

    I wonder if there’s a religious divide among news sources. I, for one, am a huge BBC online fan, but take my TV news from C4. I don’t like Sky and actively boycott UTV as I grew up in the 80’s and remember the biased reporting.

  • Charles_Gould

    Shows what a real success Radio Ulster is.

  • I despise the BBC. but I merely dislike UTV.
    As I am retired, I no longer need to buy newspapers to wile away 30 minutes on a train.
    I like Channel 4… A certain quirky attitude.
    Sky News is a guilty pleasure.

    I tend to follow links on Facebook and Twitter or follow “Press Reviews” such as at 11.30pm on Sky.
    “News about News” with people such as Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce seems to have replaced News itself.

  • Charles_Gould

    I applaud UTV for the introduction a few years ago of UTV Live Tonight, which has a good level of coverage of politics and business, in a 30 minute slot in the evening.

    For those of us who work from 7am through 9pm, its a good way to catch up.

  • dodrade

    I thought UTV live was always supposed to beat Newsline in the ratings?

  • dodrade – UTV Live at 6pm does out-perform BBC Newsline at 6.30pm … but the Ofcom stats are about getting news from channels rather than particular shows … so BBC One NI would include Breakfast, One O’clock, Six O’Clock, Newsline, Ten O’clock and UTV would include GMTV Daybreak Good Morning Britain, ITN news, UTV Live etc.

  • Harry Flashman

    A lot of interesting stats there, no surprise about the high news listenership to Radio Ulster compared to its UK regional counterparts. Radio Ulster during the Troubles was almost inevitably the first place one heard of any incident, reports about which you would then watch in the evening news. The bulletins on the hour were something you tuned into almost automatically. I remember the 11pm bulletin would be the last thing you listened to at night before bed.

    If I recall correctly it wasn’t until the late 80s that national and international news was covered in Radio Ulster bulletins on the basis that you could listen to that on Radio Four and there was more than enough local content to fill a five-minute slot.

    Newspaper readership is a bit more surprising, what lies behind the Mirror’s popularity in Northern Ireland? Good to see though that a sensible 6 percent of readers know what the only sensible newspaper is; the Daily Telegraph of course.