OFMdFM “operating on a day-to-day basis, in the same way a chameleon changes its colour, reacting to its environment…”

Dr Cathy Gormley-Heenan on the View last night, description of the two old Crumlin Road lags currently in possession of the Scottish Baronial splendor that is Stormont Castle (that’s OFMdFM to you and me):

“They are very reactive to the temperature, the environment, the circumstances in which they are operating on a day-to-day basis, in the same way a chameleon changes its colour, reacting to its environment. If it is is unnerved or under pressure, it suddenly changes the way it looks.”

Pretty accurate, I’d say… not least because it dodges the commonest fallacy and treats that two headed beast as a single phenomenon.


  • “I think the whole concept of the joint office is a good one. I just think the people need to work it better and more assiduously and, you know, there seems to be, in particular, a now you see me now you don’t attitude coming from Peter Robinson, you know, and I can understand it because I was in that similar position, I suppose, to Martin McGuinness ..” .. Mark Durkan

    Mark fails to factor in the effect of the SDLP trying to out-green SF on matters such as the flying of the Union flag, parades and the rights of the likes of Gerry McGeough as distinct from those of his victim. The SpAd issue only progressed because of the courage of Ann Travers, the leverage of Jim Allister and the wobble by the SDLP.

    “it dodges the commonest fallacy and treats that two headed beast as a single phenomenon”

    But there are two chameleons of very different hues, not one, just as there are two opposing positions on the constitutional position of Northern Ireland.

  • aquifer

    Talented young people are leaving here and not coming back.

    Pandering to the lowest sectarian denominator has a cost.

  • Greenflag

    Chameleons who can’t change their colour -die sooner than those who can . As both NI chameleons seem successful in changing their colours when occasion presents itself – then political survival is assured .

    What do people expect ffs ? They’re politicians -natural born chameleons . It’s a job requirement . Ask all those principled “not an inch” -‘UI or nothing’ former politicians where they are today ?

  • Greenflag


    ‘Talented young people are leaving here and not coming back.’

    The older farts don’t care . Less competition for them and they won’t be around when the costs come home to roost 🙁

    Don’t care is eventually made care but only when it’s too late for the caring to matter very much any more .

    Not that there’s much the older farts can do about it anyway . The ‘economy ‘ is beyond them and they just want to live out their waning years in peaceful retirement -most of them anyway . It’s life and death thats all .

  • redstar2011

    Totally agree Greenflag

    I doubt theres a more chameleon opportunist career politician on the planet than MMG.

    We all remember the days when he and his ilk considered themselves ” revolutionary” types, despised the establishment etc.

    Now they ARE the establishment and implement Tory policies on the people of the North with their erstwhile objections to career orientated politicos looking obscenely long gone

  • cynic2

    “he and his ilk considered themselves”

    Oh come on. Marketing and ethics are different things They used to be socialists too

  • cynic2

    “Talented young people are leaving here and not coming back.”

    “Which proves that the state isn’t viable”

    “Which means there’s fewer of them to vote for themuns”

    The Chameleon speaks!!!

  • redstar2011


    Well they used to SAY they were.

    My fav was when MMG himself many years ago accused Sdlp of being career politicians- you know the same MMG who ran for Irish Prez and is currently ” bitch” to Robbo!!!!

  • Zeno

    People don’t understand the pressure on the office of OFMDFM. They have (or had at one time) over 400 staff which is twice the number of Downing Street. It must be a nightmare trying to remember all of their names.

  • fordprefect

    Personally, I think the whole charade that is called Stormont should be pulled down. The “Shithole on the Hill” as I call it, is not fit for purpose. They are having “talks” next week about parades, flags and the past, these “talks” will lead to nothing as there are elections for MP’s next year and then “Assembly” elections in 2016. I really wish people would wise up and not vote with the “themmun’s” and “ussun’s” mind set that “politicians” here exploit at every turn. I didn’t vote in the council elections as there wasn’t anybody I would have voted for in my own DEA, as it was the usual SF, SDLP, Alliance and others who as George Galloway put it: “They are three cheeks of the one arse”, only in this place we have five cheeks of the one arse. Maybe one way would be to dock or stop their healthy wages unless they agree on something/anything and in SF’s case, their healthy ” average industrial wage”. I, like most of the people here in the north are sick of the pantomime that passes for government here.

  • BarneyT

    We need to start thinking about making a radical change and this process must be owned by London and Dublin…or at least they need to accept that they are primarily responsible for finding a solution.

    That does not dissolve responsibilities elsewhere, but there is no way the solution will be found within the six counties alone.