Friday thread: Flags make a difference to how we think and feel…

Via Peter Curran with a h/t to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain. Fascinating piece of quick and dirty research on the Scottish Sunday Politics Show regarding the effect of flag displays during a detailed online questionnaire from last week…

It’s well worth watching the whole way through, but the findings themselves are at the beginning and are interesting enough on their own. They provide, I suspect some very important cues for a very complex soup of identities in modern Britain.

Not least amongst them that English people felt much less negative with the Union flag than the St George’s flag, or and both English people and Scots both registered more positive responses on the economy with the Union flag than the St George’s or the Saltaire displaying.


  • MYtwocents

    10 Min, you have to much time on your hands Mick.
    Flags, and here, sometimes I find myself driving around our wee country*, when I arrive somewhere and there is a flag to be seen I either feel more relaxed or not depending on the flag, where the flag not there I would ascertain in some other way what level of relaxation I will feel, so for me the thing is not the flag but a mindset.

    * clue there to which flags relax me, to a degree).

    sorry it this is off the point .

  • Would be interesting to establish whether a ‘blind’ twin is any less ‘British/Irish/English/Welsh/Manx/Northern Irish/’ having never seen a flag than his ‘sighted’ twin !

    That would really show whether flags matter

    For me, Its more culture matters, than flags matter,

    Last night of Proms, service of remembrance etc.

  • BarneyT

    As I walked toward the Europa Hotel yesterday, I looked toward my left towards Sandy Row (if I am not mistaken) and saw a proliferation of union flags and other emblems of loyalism. To be honest my first thought was, “they look in good order”. My next thought was, the “Season” is almost upon us. On my way back however, heading towards the Lisburn road, I cast my eye on some beautifully formed wooden palettes….tens and and perhaps hundreds, sitting at the back of the holiday inn. My heart then sank. I thought, “The number of wicket fences and other garden features I could construct with them!!!” Is there a RSPCP society I could call to release these very deserving pallets into the wild…the wild being my back garden? The waste!!! I was deeply offended.