NI21: McCrea investigation stalls

The soap opera which is NI21 continues. Last night the BBC reported confusion over the investigation by Carecall into the allegations against Basil McCrea. There was also the suggestion that the party had decided no further action was required. Today the Belfast Telegraph have reported that the investigation has been stopped part way through. This appears to be because Carecall require permission from the party chairperson Jane Howson for it to continue. Ms. Howson has withheld this permission.

John McCallister told the Belfast Telegraph:

“I would welcome the process to continue, but it is not within my power to do that.
“The only one who holds that power is Jane Howson, who was appointed chair by Basil McCrea.
“Apparently, Carecall received legal advice to call the investigation off because they needed the permission from Jane.
“Jane withheld this permission, and so the report cannot go ahead.
“I have laid down my political career to do the right thing.
“This is too important not to see through to a conclusion.

The BBC have also suggested that the row may now be referred to the Stormont Assembly Standards Committee.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of this both the investigation and NI21 have become a farce. If it were fiction people would regard it as fanciful and unbelievable.

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