HBO’s Michael Lombardo: “Belfast is not the most cosmopolitan of cities to spend half of the year.”

With so much of some Northern Ireland Executive ministers‘ time and effort [and other people’s money! – Ed] focused on exploiting the international success of HBO’s Game of Thrones to promote Northern Ireland overseas, it’s perhaps unfortunate, but refreshing, that HBO’s director of programming, Michael Lombardo, has given an honest answer to a straight question – as the BBC report here.  From the New York Magazine’s Vulture blog

The whole production seems so daunting that I didn’t know if an eighth book would be considered one more obstacle.
No, no. Honestly, I mean, the thought that we would end it [is upsetting] — by the way, there’s so many stories left to tell, I just hope [showrunners] Dan [B. Weiss] and David [Benioff] are still game. It’s a little bit of a personal challenge I don’t think they contemplated when we initially found our location in Belfast, what that meant for them personally … Belfast is not the most cosmopolitan of cities to spend half of the year. [added emphasis]

Are they having a hard time?
I don’t think they have a hard time, but the good news is work keeps them busy, let’s just say that. [added emphasis again]

Let’s, indeed.

[Have any of those NI Ministers actually watched it? – Ed]  I couldn’t possibly comment…