Slugger’s BIG Election Hangover


Finance Minister, Simon Hamilton addressing Slugger crowd

Last night we held our very first election hangover in the Hudson; we have guests from across the main political parties and journalism in attendance at the end we had over 100 people there.

Our guest speakers, Finance Minister Simon Hamilton and NILGA Chief Executive Derek McCallan gave a brilliant overview of the election and the roles that our new councils will be taking on in a year’s time. All of this was capped off by a brilliant stand-up routine by Tim McGarry who walked us through some of the more funny moments of the recent campaign.

This event could not have happened without the support of Chambre Public Affairs who not only committed their financial resources but also their time to helping get such an impressive turnout.

I am also indebted to the Hudson who really embraced the event and made us feel very welcome (particular thanks to Jonny and Dominic for their help).

People like Brian John Spencer and Lee Reynolds also helped me out with important aspects of the event and I want to give them a mention and thank them for their help.

48 weeks until the next election; this has been my first one with Slugger and I hope you have enjoyed the variety of coverage and if you came along last night, I hope you had a good time.



Audience listening to Simon Hamilton



Tim McGarry doing his stand up routine




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  • I dropped in. I would liked to have heard what Simon had to say but the sound system was truly atrocious. Derek McCallan dispensed with the mike so I did hear a little of what he had to say but not enough to make much sense of it. There was such a hub-bub that conversation was incredibly difficult.

    In future, perhaps some thought could be given to acoustics and also to the selection of a venue adjacent to a railway station – for the benefit of me and other culchies 🙂

  • David McCann


    Will take all that on board and many thanks for taking the time to come up to it. 😉