“He is an elected councillor.” “Fine. I didn’t know that.”

UKIP on their way to an unprecedented victory in the European elections…


  • tuatha

    Please let the prophesised tsunami of Ukip be true. Not because Farrago would know his A from his Elbow but – hey, wot’s nu? – cameroon & klegg wouldn’t know if ye were hangin’ out of ’em.
    However, the inevitable Mo(u)rning After will be interesting – let us try to imagine electorally backed (< 10% but, hey!) Parliamentarians who were seized with a desire to represent the people who may (or may not have) voted for them.
    Cat – Pigeons/ faeces – air movement device?

  • Outsider

    They’re not going to make so much as a ripple in NI never mind a tsunami!