#EP14 and the current state of play with the southern game…

So, the southern elections. What’s to say with less than a week to go? Well probably not much more than last week’s issue of The Phoenix:

The Phoenix on LE14

Mid term, there’s probably little in it for Labour.

– Fianna Fail should pick up a seat in each of the four seater constituencies, but will struggle to get back into three seat Dublin. Their Dublin West candidate came second last time out, but it’s likely to get decided on the floating Labour vote and that;s not coming to them.

– Sinn Fein, as Ireland’s most prominent Eurosceptic party are probably safe for three seats with three virtual unknowns. Dublin is a no brainer. North will be tough but should see Matt Carthy to Brussels, and Liadh Ni Riada should coast home in south. OUtside shot for Dublin West: a dodgy use of polling suggests they are throwing in the kitchen sink to catch Ruth Coppinger.

– Fine Gael again, safe across the country with perhaps Brian Hayes struggling more than he should in Dublin with a under energised Fine Gael base choosing to stay at home rather than jumping ship to anyone else.

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