#EP14 campaign squeezing the Labour vote in Britain?

Mike Smithson at PoliticalBetting… 

My reading is that EdM and his team are paying the price for not having a clear message for the Euro elections. Their campaign has almost totally avoided any mention of the EU unlike the other three parties competing for votes which each have specific and relevant positions.

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  • mrmrman

    They’re paying the price for having an inept leader who engages in naft political gimmicks and increasingly leftist political ideologies.

  • cynic2

    There was a lovely Google Vox Pop on Millibean last week. Key response when watching his speech

    “That is a twat”

    Labour will fail on Europe, Fail in the General Election and if there is Scottish Independence will split it two with a small rump going to the Limp Dems and the rest in the Dustbin of Socialist History running councils in poorer areas while they are tormented by perpetual Tory Government

  • terence patrick hewett

    It takes a real expert to sell a bum steer: They should have held their nose and called T Blair esq to do the job.

  • Actually, I am worried that if people vote on national issues (as is common), Labour’s campaign and their national party political broadcast will get them more votes than all the parties who are arguing over Europe.