“I don’t want to photograph politicians any more, I don’t believe them any more…”

Two engaging interviews from The Arts Show, this first is with the Portrait photographer Bobby Hanvey, and the other with the Irish News cartoonist of twenty five years, Ian Knox…

Last word to Rowel Friars, a cartoonist who began his career before the Troubles started, speaking in a 1994 interview with the BBC

“When I started out it was general humour. But once the Troubles broke out we were in hell and I had to turn to the political scene, which frankly I had no interest in.

“I had no political leanings – the only side I took was sanity. I had no bias whatsoever, so I could criticise all round me.”

“At the beginning I got all sorts of threatening letters and phone calls. But it all settled down because people could see I was preaching peace and common sense.”

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