Election Posters Everywhere, but very few seem to be staying up in some areas

I have always resented people trying to infer whether it is through silly diagrams trying to promote how progressive they are or commentators telling me to return leaflets put through my door by a legitimate political party. My immediate reaction is, thanks, but I can really make up my own mind without you telling me who to vote for.

Likewise, I get equally annoyed when I see tweets like this issued from a political party so frustrated that their posters are being taken down.


This is not just happening to Alliance, Sinn Fein and the SDLP too, have reported this

And this…


This happens at election times, people take posters and they usually end up on some ‘expression of culture’ over the summer. But, when you remove a poster, it comes across to me at any rate, like you’re trying to silence on point of view over another. I know it’s debatable just how effective posters are in swaying votes, but let’s be clear, political parties spend a lot of money on them to promote a message to us, the electorate. I don’t want to have them hidden from me at election time, only to see them providing fuel for some bonfire two months later.



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  • Very few “local”posters up in the North West yesterday and not that many Euro ones.
    Dodds posters on eastern side of Dunganon
    The first Anderson I noticed was in Strabane.
    The first Attwood was in Newtownstewart.
    The first Nichollson …indeed a LOT of UUP posters, just south of Derry City.
    There seems to be at least one political party here who is “looking for a penalty” and seems to have a tactic that they will “use” the fact that their posters are “taken” down.
    If we have legislation about posters…several years ago, buildings were defaced by them….and if we have legislation that says for enviromental reasons, they must all be removed within a reasonable time….then surely we can have legislation to protect political parties at election time.
    Watching people put up posters seems labour intensive.
    Removing them is also labour intensive.
    Id be surprised if nobody…including PSNI havent noticed this theft.
    Or at a briefing, an IInspector never mentioned “theres an election on….and there are posters up…at various crossroads…keep an eye on them.”

    It strikes me that removing election posters is actually a HATE CRIME.

  • iluvni

    Perhaps the DUP could remove their own posters from the Giro route on the Shore Road, Whiteabbey and Hazelbank.
    Self-centred lot.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Having spent the last two nights putting up posters I would be pretty annoyed if they disappeared, like they have in the past. However on the whole around here there is much more acceptance of this form of political expression than previously, with posters going up and staying up in what would previously been seen as hostile territory on both sides.
    So far the worst that has happened is the mysterious manner in which every poster we had placed at a major junction had turned round to face the wrong way over night, maybe it was a whirl wind the coincided with the erection of competing posters, we shall never know.
    Personally I have tried to place them discretely but prominently, if that is possible, ie. not obstructing people views or property, and received no hassle whatsoever even though they were put up during early evening.
    Saying all that, I think a little tightening is needed, by consensus if not regulation, possibly a quota per candidate? Saying that the tight budget allowance essentially works as such for local elections.
    FJH, there are a few more UUP ones in East Dungannon now, not as big a plaster as the DUP ones, but enough to do 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    We also had our first poster injury, my colleague tripped one caught him just below the eye, nasty scrape and very close to doing major harm.

  • DR….I actually welcome the fact that election posters are more tolerated than previously. There is something essentially decent about the posters of the four major parties sharing space at a major crossroads or roundabout.
    Stealing posters is a backward step.
    We have come a long way with environmental legislation.
    In 1973, a slogan Vote…XXXXX (a Republican Clubs-Sticky candidate) was painted (!!!!!) on to the lovely front gate of the Dunville Park on the Falls Road….it was still visible at least thirty years later.
    Absolute disgrace.
    Personally I hope the Giro Route is covered in election posters.
    The annual must have”Bread and Circus” event to detract from reality is a farce.

  • Mc Slaggart


    “We have come a long way with environmental legislation.”

    Can I legally take down election posters after the date they are supposed to be taken down by the political party?

  • tacapall

    “In 1973, a slogan Vote…XXXXX (a Republican Clubs-Sticky candidate) was painted (!!!!!) on to the lovely front gate of the Dunville Park on the Falls Road….it was still visible at least thirty years later”

    Really, and how were people able to decipher this slogan seeing as the Dunville park gates were upright square bars at around 8 – 10 inch centers. (Im sure everyone knows what a metal gate is like) Was a board with vote xxxx on it tied to the gate ?

  • The stone wall/pillars that supported the gates.

  • McSlaggart….I have no idea.

  • Charles_Gould

    Over Easter I covered many miles in Co Antrim including Antrim Town, Ballymena, Portglenone, Cushendall, Ballycastle, Coleraine, Ballymoney.

    All the posters I saw were in Antrim Town, Ballymena, Coleraine, Ballymoney. There were no posters in the Glens. However there has been a poster ban for the Giro D’Italia so that may account for the lack of posters on the coast road and Glens.

    The UUP may need to take down some of the posters on the A26 if it is to comply with the poster ban.

    In terms of sheer numbers of posters the parties rank as follows in Co Antrim at this stage:

    Many UUP posters – top for number of posters. Quite big, classic posters.

    Next was Alliance – very very “yellow” posters of Anna Lo but if you mention that colour then Alliance people will call you racist.

    Next was TUV. Mostly Allister. There were also some local councillor posters.

    A few very few DUP ones – I think I saw one or two.

    Didn’t see any SDLP, NI21, Green, UKIP, SF, or Conservative posters.

  • Sean Og

    The yellow Alliance posters for Anna “Che Guevara” Lo are very strange indeed.

  • Gopher

    Why is Alex Attwood sporting lipstick on his election posters?

  • Reader

    Charles_Gould: Next was Alliance – very very “yellow” posters of Anna Lo but if you mention that colour then Alliance people will call you racist.
    If you won’t stop going on about it, it won’t just be Alliance #1 folk either.