Trouble at NI21 mill…

Having a good idea (NI21) is not the same as putting it into action… Trouble in Holywood and Clandeboye

Gerry Leddy, who had been involved with the party since its inception almost a year ago, said that he could not tell people to vote for its European candidate, Tina McKenzie, as he had “no confidence” in her.

In a message posted on his Facebook page, the former North Down and Strangford constituency association treasurer said that Mrs McKenzie, who is the party chairwoman, was “a lady I have no confidence, faith or trust in”.

He added: “I could not ask a voter to vote and support this candidate.”

Mr Leddy went on: “My position from [the] party stand point is untenable as soon as a valid NI21 candidate is appointed for Holywood and Clandeboye, where I am standing as an independent, to oppose me.”

NI21 leader Basil McCrea played down the departure, which comes in the wake of another member, Shane O’Hanlon, quitting the party with a blast at the leader, and one of the party’s prospective candidates being put out by the party after being told that he had described his political views as “to the right of Hitler”.

Mr McCrea said: “I wish Gerry all the best in his endeavours.

These could just be teething problems, but my own sense is that in not looking for policy definitions of what the party stands for NI21 has risked falling into the all things to all men problem…

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  • IJP


    You’ve spotted the core problem. Alliance supporters, resident in the Greater Belfast area predominantly where Alliance is already the third largest party, struggle to grasp the party’s near absence West of the Bann and in the Border Counties.

    Asking Anna to score 6-7% West of the Bann and in the Border Counties is asking her to score more than the party did in the whole of Northern Ireland last time out. I can’t help but think we’re at least an electoral cycle short of that, but we’ll see!


    There is no question that the Alliance Party, to grow, cannot just focus on the UUP (a temptation given the electoral realities of its strongest constituency).

    That said, I detect a growing disenchantment among the electorate with the SDLP, which appears to have lost its raison-d’être. There is no doubt, if by accident rather than design, Alliance is a tempting proposition for many of those drifting away from the SDLP (not least because of its absent leader).

  • Drumlins Rock

    I don’t know if it was by design or default but the impression is Alliance are going after SDLP voters, and I certainly see a logic in that, however for that to work they need to target outside the greater Belfast area, there rather unusual imagery does not indicate that is their intention this time round.

  • mjh

    Drumlins Rock

    If that were the case they would have stood council candidates in the west Belfast District Electoral Areas.

    Of course there is still just time to do so. “By popular demand”……?