Cartoon – The Statesman

Martin McGuinness cartoon, Brian John Spencer

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  • Morpheus

    Should his feet not be on the water as opposed to in the water? 🙂

  • socaire

    I hope when Martin rises to his feet to toast her Britannic Majesty along with the rest of the Free Staters, hasbeens and wannabees, that he will remember and quote Heaney “Be advised, my passport’s green etc” and remember that 5000 English soldiers are still stationed on Irish soil. Civility be damned – we want our country.

  • zep

    Socaire, you crack me up!

  • socaire

    zep, you’ll be old one day too.

  • zep

    When that day comes we will all be arguing in virtual reality, from the comfort of our living pods…

  • socaire

    The mistake I made was that I expected MMcG to act as a principled Irish republican. Just another career politician riding into town on the backs of the volunteers of Óglaigh na hÉireann. A hard rain’s gonna fall.

  • Reader

    socaire, so people who call themselves nationalist aren’t nationalist, and people who call themselves republican aren’t republican?
    Maybe purity of political belief just isn’t what it used to be.

  • socaire

    Very astute, Reader. I could be a banker and call myself honest. All subjective. I also realise that to carry a principle to extreme is a form of mental disorder and to have no principles is also undesirable. Who rules where the dividing line is? Some smartass posting on a blog?

  • ayeYerMa

    So what is this Spencer fool trying to say? That this terrorist is wonderful because when faced with the choice of being dealt with by a bullet from the military or locked up for life (as would be the case in any sane country that defends itself with integrity and justice) or instead play a farcical game where he does what he is told and well kept and awarded otherwise he faces the former, he logically chooses the latter option to keep himself most comfortable and plays along with the silly game to avoid facing up to the consequences of his terrorism? That McGuinness is wonderful because any aggressive action that his organisation threatens will be awarded with yet more appeasement? That such appeasement somehow makes him better than those who have not been appeased and have not had the powers that be in London bend justice over backwards to appease them?

  • Am Ghobsmacht



    Being the barbarian that I am, I am not so hot at interpreting what artists and satirical cartoonists draw.

    However, should I have a stab in this particular instance I would say that it’s a question of unionist politicians being out shone on the public stage.


    Here we have someone who is no fan of the British monarchy going into the (three) Lions(‘) Den.

    At the same time we have some one who is no fan of the Pope (who is a big deal for a fair whack of the Northern Irish population) deciding against going to see the Pope.

    It makes McG look good in the bigger picture, makes the unionists (us) look small minded and incapable of small gestures.

    It also makes McG look that little bit more presentable in the matter of the Irish Presidential election.

    If unionism doesn’t have the wit, inclination nor means to tackle SF PR/gestures/strategy/openess/whatever then this leaves the door open for the potential to have a SF dominated Belfast city council in a united Irish Republic with a SF President.

    Now, for a group of people who don’t like SF I would think that this would be a scenario they would strive to thwart, a plan reaching into decades perhaps.

    But no.


    Fleggy fleg fleg fleg fleg.

    No Pope either.



  • Reader

    socaire: Who rules where the dividing line is? Some smartass posting on a blog?
    Everyone will have their own feelings about the rightness of their political position. Probably a useful dividing line is when you go around telling your natural allies that they are just as wrong as your natural opponents, and your definitions must prevail.

  • socaire

    I know this doesn’t apply to me but it is very interesting nevertheless 🙂