There is nothing like a Dame-Australia re-introduces Royal Honours #auspol

When I first heard this story I must admit the song that kept going through my head was that famous Morecambe and Wise sketch ‘There is nothing like a Dame’

Last week, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott re-introduced the Knights and Dames system that was abolished by the Hawke Labor government in the 80s. This decision has been met with ridicule and general disapproval within Australia as event Abbott’s predecessor and avowed Monarchist, John Howard spoke of his belief that the system was outdated in this day and age. Until now the country did have the Order of Australia, which was created by the Whitlam Labor government in the early 1970s.

A new poll out this week shows that just 27% of Australians support the return of the old honours system compared to 43% opposing it.

I could set out the case against an independent nation like Australia going back to a British system but I will let the former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, make the case as he derided in February 1992 the ‘Cultural Cringe’ of some politicians constantly harking back to Britain for guidance.


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  • abucs

    There’s no doubt that Australians in general are not in favour of the return to such titles.

    But there’s also no doubt that there is at the moment strong dislike among the people of the former ‘progressive’ Labor/Green government and its policies.

    I think the second fact outweighs the first and Tony Abbott is baiting the opposition in calculation that while it is not popular, it is not unpopular enough to the people who would consider voting for him.

    The left side of politics in Australia has recently been hammered not just in the Federal election but in just about all state elections also.

    Most of the media are vehemently against him and his conservative views on a range of issues but have to wear the fact that the people turfed out ‘their’ preferred party in election after election across the country.

    Abbott’s success in stopping the asylum gravy change together with key appointments and changes to the Human Rights Commission, Education Reform, Climate Change funding, National Broadband Network Rollout, racial vilification laws and the Royal Commission into Trade Union corruptions are a clear indication that Australia is under new management which some don’t like.

    At the moment there is also a huge move to defund the politically correct public broadcaster, the ABC due to its perceived left wing bias.

    I don’t think the titles will last long after Abbott goes but perhaps at the moment it is a way to get the opposition and media into a ‘progressive’ angry rage so as to rally support among the electorate for other changes mentioned above.