Did the ‘UDA Night’ at Sandy Row spark the “IRA Night” in Whiterock?

After no some little searching, here’s the only reference I can find to the UDA event at Sandy Row Community Centre in An Phoblacht. Interestingly it carries a quote from a Sinn Fein councillor:

Laganbank Sinn Féin Councillor Deirdre Hargey has called for a full investigation into the incident. She also noted that as a council building it is open to all sections of the community and being associated with such incidents will only keep people away.

Mark Moloney notes…

A number of masked men carrying UDA flags and banners, and wearing military fatigues emblazoned with the UDA crest, appeared at an event organised by the Sandy Row Ulster First Flute Band at the weekend. Photos of the masked men were posted online by people there who described it as a “UDA night”.

Hmmm… so no replica weapons then, like there was at Whiterock?

Ceannaireacht dhíth, sílim.