Welcome to The [Gay] Central [Bar] in Strabane…

THE MOST REMOTE GAY BAR IN THE UK v2 from Vik Patel on Vimeo.

Until the video owner sets the permissions to allow his video to be embedded on Slugger’s domain, here’s the shorter Channel 4 report:

How tackle homophobia? Just opening gay bars, one at time.. A life affirming film from Anna Leach and Vik Patel… with a H/T to Channel Four News


  • DogInTheStreet

    A wonderful example of acknowledging that the LGBT community are not just an urban phenomena but can also be ordinary and provincial as well. This can help acceptance in rather socially conservative areas

  • CW

    Saw this on Channel 4 news. When they said they’d be reporting on “one of the UK’s remotest gay bars”, I was thinking – Outer Hebrides, Orkneys? But Strabane remote? A bit of an exaggeration from people who seem to think that anywhere outside the M25 is the back of beyond. So a place just down the road from the former UK City of culture is remote then. These people need to get out of London more.
    I wouldn’t have thought Strabane was the most obvious place to have such an establishment, but if they’re getting the punters in then good luck to them. I suppose a lot of the clientele come over from Lifford as well.

  • gaygael

    I think some of the posters on here could do with hanging out her for a few tipples!
    I think the remote part is related to the fact that it’s a town of less than 20k. On most other parts of these islands, lgbt venues are usually only in larger towns or cities.
    Strabane is also unusal in that it has an LGBT drop in space run by the lgbt community group. This Can hugely help to improve attitudes. That and a commercial safe space.
    Just unfortunate that for most of the history of the lgbt community, it was bars and clubs that were one of our few resources of safe spaces. This is slowly changing, but the legacy is a disproportionate impact of poorer health outcomes related to alcohol and drugs.

    Next stop – ballymena!

  • derrydave

    Surprises me – Strabane never been the most tolerant of places. In fact, the only thing that would be worse than being gay and livin in Strabane, would be being a Derryman living in Strabane 🙂 Now if ye were a gay Derryman then ye’d really be in trouble !!

  • derrydave

    ..a gay Derryman livin in Strabane I meant of course !

  • The [Gay] Central [Bar] in Strabane…

    Obviously an alternative line for:

    The green, grassy banks of the Boyne

  • I think that some people will find derrydave’s assertion to be contentious. I haven’t lived in Strabane for nearly 50 years but I visit regularly. I have a relative there who is openly gay. I asked him a few years ago when this bar became gay friendly if he ever had any bother from expressing his gayness. He said, not a bit, ever.

  • Tir Chonaill Gael

    Absolute rubbish Dave. And stay out of my bins.

  • There’s a really good Pride parade in Newry these days as well. Had a great day out at the first one.