Bell’s arrest may put new pressure on Adams and produce new cracks in omerta

The arrest  of Ivor  Bell in connection with the murder and disappearance of Jean McConville  is  I’m sure already releasing a  flood of speculation about new pressure on Gerry Adams and is perhaps the  most dramatic sign yet of a final  breach  between Sinn Fein and old comrades who are opposed to their current political strategy. The timing and the IRA status of the arrested man are all significant but it will take time for the exact significance to become clear. Bell’s arrest involves a close calculation of risk, or did the old godfathers make it possible  some time ago? Has someone else talked and will more follow on now about other killings?

The issue is described in Ed Moloney’s Voices from the Grave based on the testimony of Brendan Hughes in the Boston college tapes  ps 124 -132  e.g. p128:

On the vexed question of how decided to disappear her and why, Hughes confirmed there was a dispute between Adams and his deputy Ivor Bell over whether to hide her body or leave it in a public place, with Adams advocating her disappearance… When the Jean McConville scandal worsened in the peace –process years, Hughes confirmed, Gerry Adams attempted internally to place the blame for her disappearance on Bell…”

Moloney’s own take on the arrest will make an interesting  read…







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