“Sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.”

According to the BBC’s Mark Simpson, former Provisional IRA OC in the Maze Prison, now Sinn Féin leader in Belfast City Council, Cllr Jim McVeigh, objected tonight when DUP Cllr Ruth Patterson put on a Linfield football scarf while speaking on a motion calling on the council to honour out-going Linfield manager David Jeffrey.  From the BBC report

The monthly meeting of the council on Monday was held up for more than 10 minutes as a result of complaints from Mr McVeigh.

The deputy Lord Mayor Christopher Stalford, who was chairing the meeting at the time, dismissed the complaints and told him: “Sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.”

Councillor McVeigh rejected the comment.

He asked for clarification from council officials on whether or not a Linfield scarf should be allowed to be worn by members at an official council meeting.

Alderman Stalford refused to consult officials and moved on.

The decision on whether or not to honour record-breaking David Jeffrey, who is standing down as Linfield manager at the end of the season, was sent for discussion to a council committee.

I’m not sure if this was the actual scarf in question…

DUP Cllr Ruth Patterson with Linfield scarf

But they were, after all, discussing a Council honour for the Linfield FC manager…

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  • Dec

    To be fair to Ruth, it’s not like she was wearing a Linfield shirt ( under a track suit top):

    “A row has erupted at Derry City Council over a councillor wearing a Glasgow Celtic football top to a meeting.

    The incident happened on Wednesday when DUP councillor Gary Middleton objected to Sinn Féin councillor Gary Middleton wearing the football shirt at a confidential meeting of Derry City Council held to discuss the planned reorganisation of the body.

    The DUP councillor said the football shirt was “provocative” and should not have been worn to a Council meeting.

    “Like it or not, Celtic jerseys are deemed to be provocative and people can take offence,” he said.

    “I will accept that this meeting was closed to the public and to the press but even so it was an extremely important meeting and I think for a councillor to turn up in a football jersey is not appropriate. But the fact that it was a Celtic jersey was worse, given the divisive nature of Celtic,” he said.

    Councillor Middleton did not raise the matter during the meeting but spoke to Council Chief Executive, Sharon O’Connor about it afterwards.

    Sinn Féin dismissed the row as “petty” and said the jersey was worn as an ‘undergarment’.

    “Colin Kelly was wearing a Celtic jersey as an undergarment covered by a tracksuit. This was a private meeting and councillor Gary Middleton would be better suited in tackling the major issues facing the city rather than being petty, including removing the sectarian flags adorning Newbuildings,” a party spokesperson said.”

  • Mick Fealty

    Joined up whataboutery? [Night all…]

  • BluesJazz

    Real politics at last. This is what we vote for. Does anyone really care if George Osborne decides to cut benefits by 50%?
    I don’t.
    We need more of this reality at Dibley/Stormont also.

    And actually, watching the wretched ‘White Dee’ on Newsnight do believe that all benefits should be cut by at least 50%. Only then will West Belfast/Londonderry/ Strabane/Newry etc think of getting out of bed before lunchtime.

  • SK

    From David Ervine to this.

    Loyalism is well and truly knackered.

  • Dec

    You really should read Jude Collins on ‘whataboutery’, Mick:

    ‘But if a drunken man urges on you the virtues of sobriety, it’s not unfair to point out that he should practice what he preaches, If a Tory minister is caught with his trousers down (as often happens, and literally), it seems reasonable to point out that the minister is a leading figure in a party that preaches family values.’

  • Mick Fealty

    No reflection on you Dec, sorry. I thought it was an exemplary find. This is what happens when people have nothing better to with their politics than wind each other up…

  • I think Cllr Patterson has every right to wear her scarf.
    And the Derry Councillor his Celtic shirt.
    I’m disappointed that SF raised a silly point of order and indeed that the ruling of the Cllr Stalford has maybe unwittingly produced a precedent, where perhaps councillors and indeed people in the Public Gallery do this as a matter of course.

    There is however a more serious point. A certain dumbing down of politics (yes it can get even dumber than we thought).
    Too many politicians of all parties seem to tweet their affection for football teams, GAA, rugby etc….and its a very silly attempt to come across as a man or woman of the people….especially in Election Years.

  • USA

    Is Bluejazz Ruth Patterson?

  • Mick Fealty

    This is the council who’s last big production was #Flegs. It has by far the largest budget of any NI and some of worse areas of deprivation in the UK. The drift to symbolist conflict here and in Derry (tit for tat is the term I should have used last night Dec) is a measure of the drift from real politics. In general terms unless it goes unchallenged by functional expect levels of voter apathy to rise to record levels in May.

  • The keep

    If Belfast councilors are able to wear GAA tops to council meeting then I guess Linfield scarves are ok.

    However one has to ask if this is the proper attire for council meetings?

  • Morpheus

    C’mon Shinners. If that is the level she is resorting to then take the wind out of her sails by ignoring her. You made a headline – well what should be a sidebar on page 7 – out of nothing there.

  • David Crookes

    Right, Morpheus. When silly people get on like children, you prove that you’re an adult by ignoring them.

    Gulpins 1, Belfast 0.

  • babyface finlayson

    Is there not a code of conduct for this sort of thing?

  • cynic2

    Is there not a code of conduct

    If there were we might be down to 5 councillors – which would be a good thing

  • Morpheus

    Well it did a good job of relegating the story that 41% of homes in Northern Ireland are in negative equity and will be for the next 10 years compared to the South of England where the figure is 1%.

    Add that to the £750m to be taken out of our economy if SF cave in – so much for ‘we are all in this together’

  • Nordie Northsider

    ‘And actually, watching the wretched ‘White Dee’ on Newsnight do believe that all benefits should be cut by at least 50%. Only then will West Belfast/Londonderry/ Strabane/Newry etc think of getting out of bed before lunchtime.’

    That is sectarian hatespeak as offensive as you could find on any unmoderated on-line forum.

  • Morpheus

    Fear not Nordie, we have standards

  • Reader

    Morpheus: of relegating the story that 41% of homes in Northern Ireland are in negative equity…
    Not true, unless every home has a mortgage. Is there any point in pushing garbled news items up the reporting agenda?

  • Morpheus

    Fair point. Is this better?

    “According to figures from mortgage administration company HML, 41% of borrowers in Northern Ireland who have taken out mortgages since 2005 owed more than their house was worth during the last quarter of 2013.”

  • Sp12

    “That is sectarian hatespeak as offensive as you could find on any unmoderated on-line forum.”

    Well, that’s slugger, altering the word priest to Rabbi will incur Mick’s wrath and earn a deletion and a carding, but lazy fenian stereotypes are a-ok.
    Sheer unadulterated cowardice.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ve seen much worse. But BJ has done enough to hang himself for good.

  • Clanky

    Agree with Jom McVeigh on this one, council chambers are no place for football colours, a shame that the message hadn’t gone out to the SF councillor in Derry.

    There needs to be a detribalisation (auto-corret says it’s a word!) of politics and the wearing of football colours of any sort is not the way to achieve that. If there is not a code of conduct regarding such nonsense then sadly one is needed as common sense is obviously not going to prevail in the looney bin of norm iron politics.

    On a separate note, I would hope to see SF back the motion, regardless of the sectarianism of some of the Linfield fans, it is right that the city should acknowledge Jeffreys’ achievements.

  • iluvni

    Not that I agree with Patterson, given her nonsense has overshadowed any subsequent tribute paid to David Jeffrey, but Sinn Fein have a cheek, given their history of ribbons and badges worn in political chambers throughout Northern Ireland over the years.
    We’ll not see the likes of McVeigh wearing anything around Easter time, I take it?

  • As FJH said:

    > I think Cllr Patterson has every right to wear her scarf.
    > And the Derry Councillor his Celtic shirt.

    However, both councillors have the responsibility to consider the context and maturity of relations in their councils before bothering to wear sporting regalia.

    A lot of us fortunate enough to work find ourselves constrained by rules which forbid wearing sporting clothing as a way of keeping workplaces neutral. Potentially overkill, but it prevents any possible slide away from wearing Belfast Giants tops to Celtic or Rangers gear that just might be deemed a political statement as much as a sporting one.

    To me it seems perfectly sensible that a councillor proposing a motion to celebrate the contribution of a football manager should use a gimmick and adorn themselves with the scarf or jersey of the team. In an ideal world, it would be great if that was possible in a council chamber and would raise a chuckle.

    But we’re not living in that perfect world. And both Ruth Patterson and Jim McVeigh know that. The very fact that businesses a stone’s throw from the City Hall prevent employees wearing any sporting clothing on days when dressing down is possible means that these emblems have more than simple sporting significance.

    Wouldn’t Ruth be better to have brought the scarf along into the chamber and made a joke of “better not put this on, but wanted to remind you of the colours we were talking about” rather than generate predictable heat and a spat of whataboutery that does nothing to repair and mature already fractious relationships across the council chamber?

  • Reader

    Morpheus: Fair point. Is this better?
    Much clearer, and better news than I had thought: So if we exclude renters, exclude people who have paid off their mortgages, exclude people who got their mortgage before 2005 (why?) *then* we are left with 41% of homes being in negative equity.
    Then if we exclude homes that are not in negative equity we can get the headline figure up to 100%.
    I know people dealing with negative equity. It’s a serious issue that needs proper analysis and a bit of ingenuity from the government and the banks – it doesn’t need the BBC to return to hyping up the London property market, which is, I think, where the headlines came from.

  • SDLP supporter

    I watched this tedious nonsense on Council streaming last night. It was a classic case of Provo/DUP coat-trailing and sham-fighting with one side provoking and the other responding, hook, line and sinker, and a complete set up.

    The Lord Mayor, Mairtin O Muilleoir, who is almost SDLP-lite these days, adroitly vacated the chair for the Deputy Mayor, Christopher and, several minutes into Patterson’s speech, McVeigh sprang the trap.

    McVeigh is the classic Provo “hard man”, who will be dispensed with in due course if Sinn Fein continue its march to faux-moderation. I understand he lives in Lurgan
    which begs the question of what he is doing on Belfast Council?

    As for choosing between Patterson or McVeigh, to paraphrase Talleyrand, when I think of one I prefer the other.

    It will be an indictment on the voters of Belfast if they re-elect either of these clowns.

  • Neil

    “Colin Kelly was wearing a Celtic jersey as an undergarment covered by a tracksuit.”

    I think I would have complained about the tracksuit. 😉

    Ruth got the headlines she probably could only dream of. Well done Jim.

  • There might be a case to be made for wearing “business clothing” for politics but certainly over a period of 40 years I have seen various examples of clothing that we might deem inappropriate as various MPs, MLAs and TDs have done the whole “Man of the People” thing.
    Tony Gregory and Mick Wallace spring to mind.
    Unfortunately we are too obsessed with optics.
    Image. Image. Image.
    Titanic, Golf Opens, G8, World Police Games.
    Anything that diverts from Reality.
    Ruth Patterson is not a Cathedral Quarter coffee house politician.
    And Jim McVeigh is unlikely to be Mayor of Belfast…Niall and Mairtin and Someone-in-Waiting (probably a woman) will get the nod from SF HQ.
    Id be reluctant to call Mairtin “SDLP lite” as I cant really get an angle on him.
    At one level he seems to be a pretty decent Mayor…with a genuine affection for the city and people that I care for.
    At another level his publicity machine seems to have turned him into a parody.

    Its not so much what happened in the Chamber last night but the endless dumbing down.

  • Barnshee

    Add that to the £750m to be taken out of our economy if SF cave in – so much for ‘we are all in this together’

    And exactly how will SF (or anyone else) prevent it ?

    At long last the piper appears to be awake — keep it up turn the screw again The tin can cannot be kicked down the road indefinitely accontablility may be dropping slowly and softly but coming it is

  • streetlegal

    But for political interference in the judicial system, Councillor Patterson would have been banged up in Maghaberry now. Even so, if she thinks that hanging a Linfield scarf around her neck will be enough to secure the votes of the Belfast Bluemen for the DUP, she is likely to be disappointed.

  • Greenflag

    “The drift to symbolist conflict here and in Derry (tit for tat is the term I should have used last night Dec) is a measure of the drift from real politics.’

    Drift ? What drift ? What real politics ? They’ve never had real politics SFAIK ?

    It’s usuns and themuns forever and ever until hell freezes over .Perhaps it should be compulsory /mandatory for all councillors to wear their teams Gaelic football ,Hurling , Soccer or Rugby or Hockey or Cricket or Camogie tops if nothing else it would bring some colour to this farce of a council ?

    Failing that perhaps pyjamas for the males and lingerie for the female members ?

    In any normal society it would be a matter of indifference and the soccer manager would get his recognition but the Lord (not that there is one ) looks to Belfast Council first as a constant reminder of the defects in his/her /its creative instincts:(

  • Morpheus

  • Greenflag

    “But BJ has done enough to hang himself for good.’

    Yes it was a stupid remark and I too have seen worse but ‘for good ‘ seems a bit harsh , Let me make a plea to reduce his ‘for good ‘ to a month ? He’s been around long enough to learn from this ‘error’ . While his remark could be construed as ‘hatespeak ‘ I for one have never seen BJ as hate motivated -lots of frustration and probably anger but that hurts himself more than others . Give him a break say I and I don’t mean his neck 😉

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    ” Let me make a plea to reduce his ‘for good ‘ to a month ?”

    While we’re at it can I make a plea for FDM (if he’s still barred)?

    As much as I have no time to wrangle with him at present I feel he contributed a great deal to this site and some of his arguments were belters.

    I could regret this….

  • Son of Strongbow

    I guess a couple of tits wearing various sporting tat is as elevated as ‘political debate’ gets in BCC.

    Although it does serve up another little bit of Shinner logic. Sinn Fein had no problem it seems with the motion to honour the Linfield manager ….. but a Linfield scarf was unacceptable.

  • Granni Trixie

    The scarf and other sporting clobber are only meaningful if you are into sport and get the context. The only clue I have in this case as to the likely meaning of the scarf is Ruth Patterson….as for David thingy….who he?
    (Same applies to yellow,green cards on slugger….must be a bloke thing?).

  • Pete Rock

    I just watched the stream on the BCC website, the behaviour of Jim McVeigh was an absolute disgrace!!

    I have no time for Ruth Patterson but on this occasion I’m actually convinced this wasn’t the stunt I had accused her of before I’d seen the footage.

    I doubt anyone could of foreseen the petulant behaviour from McVeigh.

  • Greenflag

    Neither McVeigh nor Patterson distinguished themselves in this 1,000,000th re run of the traditional BCC Punch & Judy show to give it it’s proper title 🙁

  • DC

    @Grannie Trixie

    Based on the clip supplied by Morpheus above, do you not feel a bit concerned that people will see Jim McVeigh – SF council leader – and query whether Alliance did the right thing using his party and votes to gets its designated days policy over the finishing line in Belfast. He doesn’t strike me as the sort of guy that has good relations at heart!

  • Morpheus

    Alliance made the motion and SF/SDLP voted fot it. Will you ever get over the flag???

  • DC

    SF initiated it (total removal of the flag) and Alliance amended it – seriously why bother? It’s clear going by the antics of Jim McVeigh that good relations were never at the heart of the flag motion, applying a good relations policy in that sort of context was misplaced, sorry to say that but that’s what I believe.

    But oh no – this is the clown Alliance worked with to take it down – could they not have waited till somebody with a bit more ‘decorum’ was in place rather than work with this guy to deliver a good relations still born.

  • Morpheus

    Sigh. To explain it yet again…the decision to look into the flag flying policy was taken in 2002 following legal advice from Senior Counsel. The entire council, which consisted of 25 unionist, 23 nationalist and 3 Alliance Councillors voted to undertake an Equality Assessment. Over the next 10 YEARS it was discussed, legal advice was sought, advice from The Equality Commission was sought and then there was several debates in the Chamber. Then there was a democratic vote to implement the same policy that exists in the rest of the UK and in line with the College of Arms recommendations.

    Get over it.

  • DC

    Well I like equality and am a fan of it but designated days is ignored in other councils so that needs addressed as equality only seems to be about reducing never producing eg where the union flag is still flown a lot it gets reduced but where it has been completely removed and never flown ‘equality’ never seems to work the other way to produce the union flag on designated days. I think that’s what you might call a flaw.

    Also there is nothing to stop the union flag being voted down altogether next term or nothing stopping it actually going back up for that matter. Because at the end of the day it was a political decision. The Union flag shouldn’t be regulated at all, it is a legitimate flag needing no legislation limiting it.

    Given the treatment by the British to OTRs and writing letters and indeed speeches you would’ve thought SF might have thought twice before trying to remove the British flag, not like the British haven’t gone out of their way to make up for things! But oh no – still the flag must come down – even after royal pardons.

  • Neil

    Actually, in terms of equality, no flag was also suggested as an option. You cannot be intimidated by something that’s not there.

    But oh no – still the flag must come down – even after royal pardons.

    Ha! You do understand that quite a large proportion of the nationalist community weren’t in the IRA don’t you? Our antipathy towards the old butcher’s apron is unaffected by pardons given to people who think they’ve committed no crime by a woman who’s authority they don’t recognise. Speaking for myself here obv but I don’t like your flag any more than I suspect you like mine. No flag works for me. You don’t get what you want and I don’t get what I want. Equality in a nut shell. It’s just that we’re used to not getting what we want. It’s ok, you’ll get there in due course.

  • Morpheus

    You have a funny definition of equality DC. When councils opt for total neutrality you will notice that neither flag is up and both communities are equally not represented ie. equality. Now balance that with the councils who opt for The Union Flag Flying 365 days a year, as is their right – there is only 1 flag up there and only 1 community is represented – where is the equality in that situation?

    Then look at the councils who fly it on designated days. Only 1 flag flies so there still isn’t equality but it is seen as an acceptable compromise. By most people anyway… 🙂

    To be clear, the flag of Northern Ireland has not changed – there has not been a referendum on that yet. Belfast City Council voted to change the Flag Flying policy to ensure that they are on the right side of the law (ensuring they don’t get their asses sued in the process) and meet Equality Commission recommendations, that’s it.

    Riddle me this DC – why was exactly the same designated days policy voted into other unionist dominated councils without as much as a whimper?

  • Morpheus

    To be clear DC, few grrrrrr with anger at the sight of The Union Flag on Manchester or Liverpool City Halls – both designated days by the way. It has been made contentious here in Northern Ireland by it’s abuse and misuse. All you need to change that is a Delorean and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity

  • Charles_Gould

    The history of my life can be divided into two parts. The part before I heard about Cllr Jim McVeigh. And the part after. Starting today.

  • Granni Trixie


    Alliance came up with a compromise. In a sense JMCV is irrelevant.

    You know although it is obvious many in NI get exercised by flags there are many such as myself for whom they go unnoticed. What can get me exercised is when people use them disrespectfully or to annoy others. If people on boats have rules for flying flags why can’t we?

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk

    Charles Gould

    I find Ruth Patterson laughable (yet another Unionist gift to Nationalism) and I personally agree with Morpheus that McVeigh should not have risen to the bait.

    However, I also find your superior attitude to McVeigh hypocritical.

    In the mid 90s anti-Catholic discrimination in BCC was rampant. I think you’ll find that (in the 80s + 90s) tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money were paid out in Settlements to Catholics who took legal action against BCC for discrimination.

    If I remember correctly both the SDLP + SF were united in their campaign to expose this. Then along comes your hero McDonnell – he stood for and was elected (with Unionist support) deputy mayor – it show you how the Unionists viewed him as they would barely speak to many other Nationalists in the council.

    Against the wishes of his party, McDonnell chose to feed his own vanity – quelle surprise! and took up the role.

    I’m happy to be corrected but I’m almost certain the SDLP group on BCC withdrew the whip from him for a period of time.

    I certainly know that among my family and friends ( traditional SDLP “old school” supporters – there was a lot of anger but in hindsight, it just exposed McDonnell’s ego which has been evident ever since.

    So, like I said, I think McVeigh would have been better off ignoring Patterson. However, that hardly ranks alongside ignoring your own party and the disgraceful behavior of many Unionists (including representatives of “Loyalist” terrorists) to feed your own vanity.

    BTW – if you’re thinking of replying with one of your usual meaningless one line SDLP election slogans – please don’t bother – it will just show your inability to address the issue.

  • Gopher

    Shame about Blue Jazz, Sluggers loss. His posts were always amusing and you never had to wade through repetitive nonsensical dogmatic spam to get to any point which invariably cut through the moronic sophistry which is de rigueur here. Oh well, at least he omitted some areas of society unlike the broad brush strokes that pass as reasoned argument here

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I won’t give up until Jim Cleary is knighted

  • Neil

    Bring back BluesJazz Mick. We’re thinking of starting a campaign.

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk


    I honestly don’t see why you are making such a big deal about BluesJazz – and I’m not a big fan of banning people.

    He generally had a ridiculous single transferrable post to the effect that NI was as British as Finchley.

    IMO he effectively condoned the murder (or collusion in the murders) of innocent Catholics by the British Army.

    His comments about West Belfast/Strabane etc were blatently sectarian.

    His comment about Comrade Stalin on the OTR topic was absolutely disgusting and bordering on libellous.

    If Mick were to allow him back, I personally think it should be on a “one more strike and you’re out for good” basis.

  • Granni Trixie

    Just wondering if we ought to set up a scheme to help slugger OTRs ?

  • scruff

    Belfast City Council should be decommissioned, it serves no purpose other than to facilitate playacting by reps of both communities.
    Replace it with an independent controller and save millions.

  • SDLP supporter

    Scruff at 11.54 am. Totally disagree. The old clichés that people get the politicians they deserve and that bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote are appropriate here. I listened to the Council proceedings up to the point of the McVeigh/Patterson row, largely on the leisure centres issues, and there were constructive contributions on various issues from all sides. Apart from SDLP (of course!). Jim Rodgers was making a lot of sense.

    You may think it counter-intuitive, Scruff, but we need more democracy, not less.

  • ForkHandles

    Perhaps a strict dress code is required for politicians along with penalties for breaches?
    If you forget to wear the right kit, then you have to sit through the council session in your underpants?

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Ah, penalties for breeches, very good.

    No doubt if Ruthie wasn’t wearing the right kit she’d have to treat us all to her Linfield lingerie collection.

  • Morpheus

    Thanks for that mental image

  • Mick Fealty

    In case anyone missed it, you can pick up the actual action here: http://goo.gl/9XGE5x (see how you can bear it?)

  • Gopher

    I just can’t see the justification in banning someone for a quip when in another thread Arlene Foster is fair game for caricature. To me it’s a bit rich that LAD is absolutely in exactly the same spirit as his comments yet a ban is invoked in one instance and adulation in another. Holmes always needs a Moriarty just try to wade through threads when people who are not republicans cant be arsed to comment on in here, tedium incarnate.

  • Declaration of interest – I have had numerous arguments with BluesJazz over the years. But his offensive remark to Comrade Stalin last week deserved a red card, at least.

  • DC

    Comrade stalin has form being a right prat himself at times and in fact he is one of the least carded persons on here and the nonsense about libel, oh please what a load of shit, how can an anonymous / psuedonym commenter be defamed? Yes some might think it insulting and offensive what he said. I thought it was alright and worth making as Comrade and Morpheus seem to be the in house IRA sympathisers of late, oh these letters no big deal sure what does it matter!

    Some guys need to wise up here and stop taking themselves and things so personally and for that reason Mick should withdraw the black card.

    (You know you are supposed to mellow with old age Mick.)

  • DC,

    As any sailor will tell you, if you sail too close to the wind you can end up dead in the water. In the case of BJ, I think his or her problem was that he or she chanced it once too many.

  • Fick_Mealty

    Mick back down then sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk


    When I want a legal opinion – I’ll ask a legal expert, not you.

    You’re the guy who claims to be support equality but then when a completely legal democratic decision is reached that simply keeps the North in step with the rest of the UK, what do you do?. Constantly whine about it and defend a bunch of drunken rioters who regularly break the law, attack the police, and have cost businesses in Belfast hundreds of thousands of pounds (not to mention the costs of policing). They have managed to worsen the image of NI “loyalism” in the UK and beyond – and that was starting from a pretty low base!

    So I’ll be sure and listen to lectures from you (on legal matters or otherwise) since your credibility is so faultless.

  • Morpheus

    “I thought it was alright and worth making as Comrade and Morpheus seem to be the in house IRA sympathisers”

    Excuse me? “IRA sympathizer”? WTF?

    Let me make this 100% crystal clear, just because I have put across an opposing point of view – with reams of evidence to back it up might I add – it does NOT make me a mass-going, Celtic-supporting, Irish-speaking, GAA-playing, SF-voting, full-blown IRA sympathizer.

    I haven’t been to mass in years, I support Liverpool, I don’t know a word of Irish, I have played the Ga since I was 14, I vote Alliance and let me be clear on this, I absolutely abhor the IRA and what they did.

    I just looked past the DUP bullshit and spin and looked at as much evidence as I could – The Ministerial Statement, The Judgement, the Interview, The Policing Board minutes etc – to form an objective opinion…something sadly lacking.

    All this fuss about a ‘secret amnesty deal’ and ‘#ShinnerList’ when the evidence was staring us right in the face to show that it was not secret, it was not amnesty, no one even knows who the deal was between and the list was just from the Shinners.

    We are expected to believe that an order has come down from The Prime Minister, through the Attorney General, to tell multiple police officers at multiple levels of command in multiple police forces to suppress evidence to protect people the police had never even heard of and crimes the police didn’t even know were committed.


  • Am Ghobsmacht


    ” I thought it was alright and worth making as Comrade and Morpheus seem to be the in house IRA sympathisers of late”

    For the sake of entertainment and watching you dig yet another hole for yourself could you please define what an IRA sympathiser is?

    I previously thought that it was someone who was sympathetic to the Provos, but evidently there are now other types which I am ignorant of.

    My blind-spots of ignorance are ever increasing, I used to think that republicans were people who supported the notion of a unified Ireland in the form of a Republic, alas, it appears that I was wrong on this too, any unionist can apparently be a republican so long as they disagree with enough unionists…

  • IrelandNorth

    Ex-Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) greenfinch still chirping after all these years. N Ireland’s answer to Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin. But surely somewhat disconcerting to see a mature lady a good few degrees north of adolescence sporting soccer paraphanelia in the sombre environs of Belfast City Hall, where that Sth Cen Dubliner of Italian extraction from Leinster/E Ireland signed his solemn league and covenant, (allegedly in blood group O Rh pos). Whatever would Sir Edward Lord Carson Duncairn (SELCD) have though of Ruth supporting a ‘foreign’ (?) game, when he himself co-authored the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)/Cumann Luchlean Gael (CLG) rule book for hurling during his undergrad days (with Patrick Pearse!) at the University of Dublin, Trinity College.