“Sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.”

According to the BBC’s Mark Simpson, former Provisional IRA OC in the Maze Prison, now Sinn Féin leader in Belfast City Council, Cllr Jim McVeigh, objected tonight when DUP Cllr Ruth Patterson put on a Linfield football scarf while speaking on a motion calling on the council to honour out-going Linfield manager David Jeffrey.  From the BBC report

The monthly meeting of the council on Monday was held up for more than 10 minutes as a result of complaints from Mr McVeigh.

The deputy Lord Mayor Christopher Stalford, who was chairing the meeting at the time, dismissed the complaints and told him: “Sit down and stop acting like a petulant child.”

Councillor McVeigh rejected the comment.

He asked for clarification from council officials on whether or not a Linfield scarf should be allowed to be worn by members at an official council meeting.

Alderman Stalford refused to consult officials and moved on.

The decision on whether or not to honour record-breaking David Jeffrey, who is standing down as Linfield manager at the end of the season, was sent for discussion to a council committee.

I’m not sure if this was the actual scarf in question…

DUP Cllr Ruth Patterson with Linfield scarf

But they were, after all, discussing a Council honour for the Linfield FC manager…