Executive finally reading what the Minister of Justice actually says about recruiting the next CC?

Again, I’m grateful for this snippet from Mark Devenport. After a lot of bellicosity from all parties on the policing board perhaps it is slowly sinking in with members (rarely heard from when the PSNI are under fire) that it is indeed the Minister of Justice’s responsibility to legislate the framework for the next Chief Constable.

Theirs is to take responsibility of doing the ‘booking’.

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  • cynic2

    A very curious affair.

    First the existing DCC and only internal female candidate resigns suddenly – apparently after taking soundings on the renewal of her contract

    Second, Wee Davy having spend months prevaricating suddenly feels a compelling need to evacuate himself of his wisdom and change the rules “on grounds of equality” when the leading and only female candidate possibly affected by an equality issue has effectively gone.

    Next the Policing Board is being pushed that they MUST change the rules on grounds of equality when again there seems no internal candidate affected by the equality issue. The door is being shut after the horse has bolted

    So the only impact of this would be to allow more male candidates already in PSNI to apply. But one might have thought that they would have liked to have seen the highly thought of DCC apply – yet times this in such a way that she couldn’t and had gone before this change came in.

    So what game is afoot? Who is the puppet-master (or mistress) and what is the objective?.

    Might it be that they cannot get any outside runners and are desperate ?

    Surely it cannot be a simple fit up to smooth the passage of a favoured candidate with strong support in Justice and other quarters into the top slot?

  • streetlegal

    Executive has taken no decision – business as normal at Stormont then.

  • Liam Clarke: “A final decision on the appointment process is now expected within days after consideration of legal issues.

    By invoking an ‘urgent procedure’, a meeting between Peter Robinson, Martin McGuinness and Justice Minister David Ford (right) to resolve the matter could be held early next week. ..

    Yesterday afternoon, after hearing Mr Ford’s explanation, the Executive decided to consider the results of a consultation conducted by Mr Ford, which broadly supported his decision.

    “It only took about 15 minutes’ discussion. Peter Robinson, who chaired the meeting, agreed with David Ford that the decision be taken quickly,” a source at the meeting said.”

    and there’s more ..

  • Worth pointing out that as with all ACPO ranks in PSNI and presumably by now across the UK, Judith Gillespie is on a 5-year contract. She would have had to ask the Policing Board for permission to stay on past the end of her contract and thus become eligible to apply for the Chief Constable post.