Robinson on the Irish Govt “relations have never been better”.

Gregory Campbell just fell off a chair somewhere as Peter Robinson heaped praise on the improving relationship with the Irish government today.

He told his audience

By focusing on outcomes we have found a way to work together in all of our interests.

He continued arguing that what were once controversial issues were now normal (skirting over the fact that his predecessor was one of the people who made those issues controverisal)

In many ways, it is remarkable that what was once the most thorny of issues is now almost entirely uncontroversial

Then he praised recent turn around in the Irish economy

It would have been difficult to imagine a few years ago that such substantial improvement could have been made in such a timeframe. Both of us have much more to do, but I am convinced we can look forward to much brighter days.

The truth is that only by working together – North and South, East and West, and in the public and private sectors – will we guarantee a better future for all of our people

It will be interesting to see if Robinson maintains this stance over the next year as some of his colleagues have made much more critical statements of the Irish governments over the past few weeks. Since partition progress on the North-Slouth file has always been dependent on political stability-if tensions in the DUP rise don’t be surprised if a speech calling for a re-evaluation of the relationship begin to emerge.


  • sherdy

    Are you implying that Gregory did not write that speech for his leader?
    I’m sure its totally in line with his own sentiments!

  • Comrade Stalin

    DUP Jekyll and Hyde act once again. One week they’re accusing the Irish government of creating the Provos and refusing to admit to it; the next week we’re all friends.

  • SK

    I like to think of Peter Robinson as one of those Plate Spinners you used to see on Saturday night telly back in the day

    The Super Prod plates were looking a bit wobbly on their sticks, so Robbo gave them a spin by sticking his fingers up at Haass.

    Then the Garden Centre Prod plates started to teeter, so Robbo runs to the other side of the stage and keeps them spinning with a bit of conciliatory talk towards Dublin.

    The only loyalty that man has is to his own approval rating.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Of course relations are great, just about everything cross border is a farce or token gesture, and neither government give a stuff, suits both north and south, orange and green east and west. Even the shinners are starting to realise its more hassle thaqn it worth, espically as the knife cuts both ways, quite ironically giving HMG a say in Irish afairs south of the border once again!

  • Red Lion

    If relations are so great I wish the Irish Gov would use the special relationship to send a rocket up thebacksides of the DUP about their whipping up of sectarian violence over parades and flags.

  • Charles_Gould

    What Peter Robinson won’t say: Robinson gave Trimble grief at the time over North South bodies, but now realises Trimble negotiated a very successful outcome for unionists on North-South by compromising instead on short term issues like prisoners.

  • SK

    “quite ironically giving HMG a say in Irish afairs south of the border once again!”

    Does that mean God is running the south too now Drumlin?

    I wonder if the children from Northern Ireland currently in the cardiac wards of Dublin’s Crumlin hospital, whose lives are being saved by Dublin doctors (thanks to “token North-Southery”) would be so casually dismissive of the growing cooperation between both Irish jurisdictions?

  • Los Lobos

    The reneging of the Irish Governments half a billion for the A5 seems to be a distant memory? Still I’m sure the North/South relationship will go from strength to strength.