Cartoon – Selling out the moderate (part 1)

Selling out the moderate (1), Brian John Spencer

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  • streetlegal

    I hear nothing.
    Hsst! (They listen. Estragon loses his balance, almost falls. He clutches the arm of Vladimir, who totters. They listen, huddled together.) Nor I.
    Sighs of relief. They relax and separate.
    You gave me a fright.
    I thought it was he.
    Pah! The wind in the reeds.
    I could have sworn I heard shouts.
    And why would he shout?
    At his horse.
    (violently). I’m hungry!
    Do you want a carrot?
    Is that all there is?
    I might have some turnips.

  • David Crookes

    The best one ever.

  • sherdy

    One picture worth a thousand words!

  • between the bridges

    well one picture with 32 words to make sure you get the picture the artist/author wants you to get…moi wonders what party/s represents the most deprived areas of NI? moi wonders what party/s represent the community with the highest youth unemployment…

  • ayeYerMa

    Interesting how Spencer, once more, concentrates attack on those who hold the line of peace and stability supporting the status quo — Unionists.

    I think Unionist politicians would love to discuss normal issues, if HMG didn’t keep insisting that the Appeasement Process continue in a never-ending manner and “negotiations” occur on issues which most of the electorate most care about. Yet no sarky cartoon which really gets to the source of the problem.

    Let Spencer be also reminded that with regard to flags Unionists are merely taking the default international norm position. The recent issue to change an over 100 year-old consensus was manufactured by SF, SDLP, and Alliance without cross-community support with the ultimate aim by SF/SDLP being contrary to what they signed in the Belfast Agreement. It also seems to me that the party that is most concerned about focusing on issues such as flags or the past are the Alliance Party — we must have heard Chris Lyttle droning on scores of time about how flags are an important issue that are a priority to discuss.

  • ayeYerMa

    *on issues which most of the electorate DON’T care about the most

  • ayeYerMa

    … REALLY need that “edit” function!

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “Interesting how Spencer, once more, concentrates attack on those who hold the line of peace and stability supporting the status quo — Unionists.”

    Sorry AYM, you’ve lost me there.

    When you say ‘unionists’ are you actually referring to the unionists of Northern Ireland or some other country where unbeknownst to me they’re forward thinking and not entrenched in their views?

    “Let Spencer be also reminded that with regard to flags Unionists are merely taking the default international norm position”

    Now, which unionists are those? The one’s that support designated days in some councils or the ones that support 365?

    They don’t quite toe the line of consistency do they?

  • aclarke

    Interesting how ‘ayeYerMa’ views Spencer’s cartoon, citing Unionists as ‘those who hold the line of peace and stability supporting the status quo’.
    I don’t even come from Ireland and yet I find his statement laughable.
    Let ‘ayeYerMa’ be reminded that the whole problem in Northern Ireland IS the status quo! It can’t stay as it is simply because it was born from a lopsided ‘treaty’ forced by the Unos (Unionists) under their own threat of armed rebellion, and a UK government of the time that didn’t have the bottle to face them down. They took the least-worse case and threatened the rest of the Irish to ‘accept the treaty or else!’ I believe our illustrious leader Winston actually told the Republicans ‘it’s this….or war’, …..and that from a country with an army of 100’s of thousands to a poorly armed bunch of rebels (bit like Russia and the Ukraine!!). So NI was really a botched job which has festered ever since with a large proportion of its’ population with absolutely no allegiance to the UK and The Crown. About as sad a state of affairs as you could get, especially with successive UK governments ever since denying historical fact and truth….and reality! The province needs change to move forward and as far as I can see the Uno’s are having to be dragged screaming every inch of the way!
    ayYerMa’s most disingenuous comment is the one about ‘most of the electorate’, which is a common bit of wishful-thinking practised by Unos, a sort of ‘auto-suggestion’ in the hopes that the nationalist/loyalist split of not far off 50/50 will magically turn into one of 90/10 in their favour! In fact, if you add ‘don’t-knowers’ and ‘couldn’t-care-lessers’ to the nationalist numbers you actually might come up with over 50%, which would be most interesting!
    And exactly what is the ‘over 100 year-old consensus’ he is talking about??? The fateful Treaty was signed within living memory (just! …about 92 years ago I think), and there has never, ever, been consensus from Nationalists in NI since, quite the reverse, so I can only guess that ayeYerMa is referring once again to a ‘notional’ consensus, or even a one-sided consensus….and that is exactly what the flags problem is all about.
    And if it weren’t for all that flag-waving the rest of the UK might have dumped the Uno’s unceremoniously years ago, which is why the Unos are so desperate to cling to the Union flag! Oh, and of course, the religious issue, because the UK is still clearly suspicious of Catholics otherwise they would drop the clause in the Constitution that forces an heir to the throne to ‘abdicate’ if they marry a Catholic.
    We all live just so far in the past….. no hope for any of us …..sad!
    But, sorry ayeYerMa, you are so wrong, thanks to intransigence in some quarters flags most certainly ARE a priority issue to discuss!