What the civil servants get up to in Borgen – Outside the Castle (Radio 4)

It’s the season of waiting.

Borgen Outside the Castle bannerThe Haass/O’Sullivan talks will inevitably reconvene in the days between Christmas and the New Year. Party leaders will be penning their new year messages, with alternative wordings to cover different Haass outcomes.

Assembly committees won’t start back on Tuesday 7 January and the next plenary session of the Assembly isn’t scheduled until Monday 13th.

The third and final season of Borgen finished last weekend. NI21’s executive committee will now be waiting for the box set to appear in their Christmas stockings so they can pore over the plot to figure out how two elected representatives and a high profile woman swept to electoral success!

The makers of Borgen, Danish broadcaster DR, produced a radio drama that aired at the same time as the first TV series. BBC Radio 4 have recently adapted it into English.

While the TV series followed the politicians, the five part radio series charts the machinations of the civil servants. Hans Gammelgard is the permanent secretary to the environment ministry, a workaholic with a passion for a GM crop bill. But his career is suddenly thwarted by an expenses scandal. Has he fallen victim to the ambition of his head clerk and a dirty power struggle?

Lobbying, quarrelling, ambition … this time in the civil service.

If you’re missing political drama – real or fictional – the 45 minute episodes are available for a few more days on iPlayer and are well worth a listen.

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