Not sure you’d want to see Slugger posters writing their posts …

Kevin Rose has published a video prototype for a blogging platform called Tiny that (according to The Next Web) would give blog readers …

… a glimpse at the content author’s environment through the use of the computer’s webcam. The background would be pixelated, but would almost provide a sense that you’re bearing witness to what the author is penning at that moment.

While one possibility was an indistinct video of the blogger’s head as she/he typed up a post, Kevin has subsequently reflected:

I agree that the moving image would be distracting, the original idea was to lock a pic as the background (like the first example in the video). The moving video/streaming felt creepy, but new and different in a fun way. I wanted to include it as an idea.

The theme I really like here is exposing the environment of the blogger. I don’t think this would make sense for large corporate blogs, but it could be a fun modern take/throwback to the days of personal publishing sites like LiveJournal etc.

Not sure Slugger posters [Ed – or commenters] are quite ready for this innovation!

h/t via Corinne Purtill & Thomas Mucha

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