Not sure you’d want to see Slugger posters writing their posts …

Kevin Rose has published a video prototype for a blogging platform called Tiny that (according to The Next Web) would give blog readers …

… a glimpse at the content author’s environment through the use of the computer’s webcam. The background would be pixelated, but would almost provide a sense that you’re bearing witness to what the author is penning at that moment.

While one possibility was an indistinct video of the blogger’s head as she/he typed up a post, Kevin has subsequently reflected:

I agree that the moving image would be distracting, the original idea was to lock a pic as the background (like the first example in the video). The moving video/streaming felt creepy, but new and different in a fun way. I wanted to include it as an idea.

The theme I really like here is exposing the environment of the blogger. I don’t think this would make sense for large corporate blogs, but it could be a fun modern take/throwback to the days of personal publishing sites like LiveJournal etc.

Not sure Slugger posters [Ed – or commenters] are quite ready for this innovation!

h/t via Corinne Purtill & Thomas Mucha

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  • Blogging meets the selfie! Not sure how it would work for regular bloggers but for the casual Tumblr type it might be a novelty. But I can’t see how it would go beyond that unless you make the words and video interact. A review that displays the product being reviewed? But then you can do that on existing blogging platforms not to mention YouTube.

  • Rory Carr

    I am not so sure about this. It could cause the whole man playing to be raised (or lowered) to a whole new level:

    Rory Carr may seem to argue convincingly that Wednesday invariably follows on from Tuesday but anyone can see that he is an ugly bastard – and get those shifty eyes. Never mind that, have you copped a look at that wallpaper ? And that cd collection – how can a man with a whole rack of Kris Kristofferson be given any weight ?

  • Rory Carr

    Besides which it would only be but a small step to NUDE BLOGGING ! Jeez ! I don’t want to even think about it.

  • Pete Baker

    “The moving video/streaming felt creepy, but new and different in a fun way.”

    He would have been better advised to have stopped halfway through that sentence.

    Not sure I can think of a worse idea, Alan. I doubt that anyone would want to see me typing in my pyjamas. That is, when I remember to put some on…

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Rory Carr

    I read your posts with much gusto and enthusiasm.

    Knowing that they are typed within ear shot of a Kris Kristofferson collection has galvanised my regard for said posts.

    Oh to be ‘Gettin’ by on gettin’ high on women, words and wine….’

  • sherdy

    Just because something is technically possible doesn’t mean it should be done.
    If I had to wash, shave and dress, making sure my hair, what’s left of it, was looking presentable, what I might say here would hardly be worth the effort.
    Seeing someone even uglier than myself while trying to read and digest their diatribe would open up a vista too terrible to contemplate.

  • There is the VLOG….a video Blog and I have done a few.
    There is even Naked VLOG….no I haven’t.
    In general I have the perfect face for Radio.
    Besides…if we could see comments being made….we would spot a comment that was literally tongue in cheek.