SF’s proposals for “a single flag post in each area…”

Mark Devenport is manfully working his way through some of the submissions to Haass… But one from Sinn Fein deserves some open airing

1. No flags or emblems to be displayed on key arterial routes (to be defined) and town

2. No paramilitary flags, displaying symbols or names, and regimental military flags (e.g. Parachute Regiment) on display in public places

3. No flags/emblems to be displayed in the vicinity of:

a. Places of worship
b. Schools
c. Hospitals or any publicly funded buildings
d. Or within, or adjacent to, shared/mixed/new housing developments
e. Interface boundaries

4. Flags/emblems/symbols that are tattered, torn, discoloured or in general disrepair,  confer a lack of respect and should be removed.

5. Flag protocols could be developed in local or between neighbouring areas. Agreement could be reached on the following principles:

  • A no flag policy, pertaining to both identities
  • No pavements to be painted in ‘traditional’ colours i.e.  red/white/blue or green/white/orange.
  • In relation to the proliferation of flags, an agreement to establish a single flag post in each area, on which respective  national flags will be flown, and maintained over time.

6. Any actions under these protocols must be necessary, proportionate and in line with
the ECHR.

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