Cartoon – Uncle Gerry, what did you do in ‘the war’?

photo adams


  • Dixie Elliott

    Well I fought in the GPO with James Connolly for a start…

  • “Ask me when you are all grown up. You are too young to understand now.”

  • Charles_Gould

    If you uy my autobiography “before the dawn” it will explain in detail.

  • fordprefect

    Me? I didn’t do anything! I was never in anything! What the f*** do you think you are doing asking me questions like that!? Are you a dissident? A securocrat? A journalist? If you’re not, then you are probably an alcoholic or a nutcase, now piss off and stop asking stupid questions!

  • Clanky

    I sang always look on the bright side of life in the H blocks.

  • Charles_Gould

    Gerry Adams is a dishonest man.

  • cynic2


  • cynic2

    “I’ll ask the questions dear. Why have you not been up to visit Liam? Has the poor man not suffered enough?”

  • cynic2

    “Have you been talking to the Branch?”

  • cynic2

    “Now now young Mick, that’s a very impertinent question. And why are you wearing a dress”

  • cynic2

  • cynic2

    Gerry ” Its a long story”

    PSNI Branch Bear “{Thinks} We are waiting”

    {Rest of us} “So are we!!!!!”

  • Salvo

    There is one thing we can be sure of, is that Gerry Adams autobiography does not tell us what he did during the conflict. Everyday a clearer picture of this man emerges and it is not a good one nor one that is not going to go away you know.

    The more I look at the early years and Adams, the less I am convinced by him. When the conflict was in its infancy most of the nationalist population was on board and prepared to face down unionism and the brittish in the name of finding equal rights for all citizens. At that time there were legitimate concerns over civil rights abuses. Fast forward a few years, the emergence of the provisionals and Gerry Adams. It is no coincidence that at this time large parts of the nationalist community started experiencing fear being peratrated within its own community by the provisional movement.

    In those early years the provisionals were tarring/feathering,kneecapping,beating,intimidating and disappearing people. These are just some of the fear enducing mechanisms used to instill obedience and control of the nationalist community back then. The further the nationalist community travelled on through the years, the smaller the provisional movement was becomimg.

    Through those early years and on into the 80’s, Adams acquired a cult like status. It is obvious in hindsight that the provo operation would never fulfil the ego of Adams. It is no surprise then that when SF dappled with politics on the back of the hungerstrikes Adams seen a more prosperous and fertile place to nurture his ego, politics. This meant that he could now bring about the end of the IRA and the beginning of a new life in politics.

    So this is some of my understanding of what Gerry Adams did during the war. He gave the orders from a safe distance, enjoying all the benefits of cult status but leaving his proxxy’s take responsibiliiy.

  • cynic2

    “What war?”

  • FuturePhysicist

    I wouldn’t go down the uncle Gerry route, Adam’s niece has had too much undesirable publicity.

  • between the bridges

    ”hold still while i check for nits”

    BJS is the crack pipe teddy a Canadian mayor?

  • cynic2


    Perhaps the Teddy Bear is the Social Worker