Diane Dodds gets the DUP’s nomination for Europe…

And for balance’s sake, this evening the DUP nominated their sitting MEP, Diane Dodds. Here’s the FM’s pitch:

Diane hasn’t been one of those MEPs who lives in Strasbourg and Brussels but forgets about their constituents.

She has been a tireless advocate for citizens all across the Province, publishing three Funding Directories, highlighting funding opportunities for businesses and communities. These were supplemented with dozens of funding workshops and public meetings across every District Council.

The Party Officers have decided to give further detailed consideration to the selection of a second Democratic Unionist candidate. We will conclude this discussion in due course.”

That’ll be after the last narrow escape. [It really wasn’t that narrow, you know! – Ed]. Yeah, but it did look bad. The DUP’s solution has been take her off the air and get her in front of anyone who cares about EU subsidy or funding.