Where have all the adult politicians once ambitious for Northern Ireland gone?

Meanwhile, the lunatics continue to enjoy their dominance over the asylum… and a Orange Order press officer refers all queries to its own members reference to civil disobedience to the DUP… Alex Kane wants an adult to take control:

Oddly enough – and I say oddly because it is, in fact, odd – mainstream unionism seems unwilling to tell them that their present tactics are wrong.

Not one single UUP or DUP figure (who between them represent the bulk of the pro-Union vote) warned them that stepping up the protests ‘right up to civil disobedience’ was the wrong thing to do.

Instead, just as they have been doing at the Twaddell Avenue ‘peace camp,’ as the Orange Order announced its ‘new’ tactics, key UUP/DUP figures nestled in behind them.

The UUP/DUP and Orange have made a huge mess of handling ‘loyalist’ anger and protest in Belfast. They need to provide leadership very soon or a bad situation is going to become very much worse.

And into this incontinent and leaderless mess goes another incendiary in the shape of a commemorative plaque to Thomas Begley

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