Slugger on the roads

Strabane – where I’m running through next week – has had its local ‘Strabansky’ amend the de rigueur ‘Join the IRA’ scrawl…. (I owe this to Emma Walsh.)


And this may be as good a moment as any to point out that I’m running the length of Ireland, 1st-12th October, for cancer charities – if you’re on my route, please do come along and either jog with me for a bit, or pour gin on me! My route is on, and below, and I’m being put up each night by a combination of Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, town councillors, and other unsuspecting locals.  I’ll hopefully be able to share anecdotes of the people I meet and speak with, as I cross Ireland in a pair of trainers.

1st October: Malin Head – Derry/Londonderry (32 miles)

2nd October: Derry/Londonderry – Omagh: 33 miles (possible watering stop in Lifford/Strabane….)

3d October: Omagh – Enniskillen: 25 miles

4th October: Enniskillen – Ballinamore, Co Leitrim: 24.1 miles

5th October: Ballinamore – Longford: 25.7 miles

6th October: Longford to Athlone: 28 miles

Malin-Mizen (1)

7th October: Athlone to Portumna, Co. Galway: 35 miles


8th October: Portumna to Limerick: 43.3 miles

9th October: Limerick to Buttevant, Co. Cork: 32.9 miles

10th October: Buttevant to Macroom, Co. Cork: 33.3 miles

11th October: Macroom to Bantry: 30 miles

12th October: Bantry to Mizen Head, hurrah; 30 miles

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  • babyface finlayson

    Not wanting to have a go at you (good luck with it) but just once I would like to see someone (not me obviously) do something useful for sponsorship.
    So why not, say, tidy the gardens of 100 elderly people in a week, or visit 100 people in hospital.
    I would sponsor you to do that.
    Running the length of Ireland,or cycling the great wall of China or whatever just seems to me to be a form of self promotion.
    Anyway now I feel bad for saying it, I’m sure you’re a better man than me.

  • Mark

    You think cancer charities aren’t useful babyface ?

    All the best Padraig .

  • babyface finlayson

    I think running the length of Ireland is not intrinsically useful, obviously.

  • between the bridges

    Have to agree with BF i mean imagine running the length of the island raising money for charity, how selfish can you get…

    PB fair play to you and good luck with the fund raising.

  • babyface finlayson

    between the bridges
    I realise I should probably stop digging here, but I will try once more.
    Of all the activities to give time and energy to for sponsorship, why choose this? Why not as I said do something really hard like visit old people in care homes? Useful in itself and you get the sponsorship too.
    Why must it be ;
    “sponsor me to carry an ironing board up the north face of the Eiger”?
    Does the activity have to be futile in itself? Just asking
    I’m not by any means criticising the purpose, just the means.

  • between the bridges

    BF agian i agree you should stop digging! ”why choose this?” well at a guess because it was something he wanted to do and he is combining it with a good cause… now we can both make it up to PB for spoiling his thread by donating…

  • babyface finlayson

    Well we hardly spoiled it. Enlivened it I would say!
    But yes I will make a contribution…for being such a grouch.

  • Mick Fealty


    Why don’t you do it, and I’ll certainly sponsor you?

  • jh25769


    Me too. In fact, if you run the length of Ireland, visit 100 sick people and tidy 100 gardens I’ll sponsor you 3 times with a bonus.