Italian lessons required for Stormont

From Upworthy:

Mr. President (of the House of Deputies), beyond the thousands of excuses and quibbles, we’re talking here of matters of the heart, of feelings, of emotions. Because a kiss and a hug have not and will never hurt anyone. In fact, they are part of what contributes most to making us human. We want to make that clear. And so we’re going to pull back the veil and to demonstrate that there is truly nothing to be afraid of. And we, Mr. President, are not afraid.


  • sherdy

    Would this be the first time since WW2 that Italian parliamentarians have agreed on anything?
    Excepting of course Silvio Berlusconi’s supporters.

  • Greenflag

    So they’re all agreed that Berlusconi should’nt go to jail and his statement that regardless of his conviction he would continue in politics is a matter of the heart .Is that Mussolini’s grandaughter in the foreground?

    Where there is law there is injustice and where there is no law there is even more injustice .The guy is so crooked he sleeps on a spiral staircase , He makes Bernie Maddoff look like a juvenile delinquent 🙁