Update-#Ausvotes Tomorrow is election day in Australia-ABC projects Coalition Victory!

We are sending enough our people there, so I thought I’d do up a blog post on the election that is happening tomorrow.

Australia came to the attention of people here back in June when Kevin Rudd ousted Julia Gillard as Prime Minister. Well actually she ousted him first in June 2010 but anyway I shall not bore you with the intrigues of Australian Labor politics.

Rudd was brought back to help raise Labor’s dire position in the polls. Under Gillard the party was set to lose half of its 72 seats in parliament.

Rudd’s return did help the party for some weeks with polls reporting the ALP for the first time in over a year neck and neck with the opposition Coalition. However since this election was called five weeks ago the party has slipped in the polls and is now around 7-8% behind.

However, despite Rudd’s falling popularity he will still probably win more seats for the ALP than Gillard would have.

Tomorrow will be fascinating as around 90% plus Australians decide their new government. Voting is complusory in Australia and incurs a fine of £12 if you don’t vote.

Most Australian networks have lifted their geo-blocks for the election and you can watch online results as they come in from about 9am our time.

On a side note-Kevin Rudd the outgoing PM is a republican and the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, is a monarchist and actually was a leading figure who helped defeat the 1999 Australian republic referendum.

Current make up of the Australian parliament-76 needed for majority.





Also key thing to remember when governments lose they do so badly. Best result for a losing government was John Howard in 2007 with 47.3% and 65 seats. The worst result was Gough Whitlam in 1975 with 44.3% and 36 seats.

Early results pointing to ALP losing over 20 seats. ALP head office already leaking that Rudd was to blame for loss.

Also remember as of 9.50am-there are still 18 seats where polls have not closed.

ABC has projected a Coalition majority government at 10am.

Seat predictions-ABC-Coalition-93, ALP-56 and 1 independent.

7 News-Coalition-90, ALP-56 and 4 independents.

That’s it-12.15pm Coalition crosses the 76 seat mark and wins.

12:55pm-Rudd resigns as ALP leader.

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