Nadia Popova

Worth a read from the Economist.

Nice obituary from the Economist.

  • Dewi,
    Surely that’s Popova.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Simply breathtaking Dewi.

    My biggest drama today was that I didn’t let the wine breathe long enough before imbibing.
    Surely that’s nearly as impressive as strafing and bombing the Wehrmacht into oblivion from an old biplane…?

  • Mick Fealty

    What’s interesting is that the spelling “Nadia Povova” brings up pages and pages on Google of links on other sites linking right back to this page on Slugger O’Toole… I never realised we were so instantly popular… 😉

    I’m in no position to lecture anyone about spelling mistakes Dewi, but some reason why you think the piece is worth reading would help readers decide whether they might share that interest…

    A simple six word link has an unfortunate flattening effect on Slugger’s front page… There’s got to be loads of stuff worth pulling in from the Senedd… Resignation of the Education Minister, f/e?

  • michael-mcivor


    Great read about a remarkable woman-read it last night but had to read it again today-


    ” Surely thats Popova “- Surely its not Provoa-

  • Dewi

    Sorry Sorry Sorry – I’ll fix…

  • Dewi

    Dunno Mick – Welsh politics almost as boring as Ardoyne marches…..

  • Mick Fealty

    We’d still like to know though… bring us in?