Belfast No 3 District signals #Ardoyne as new Drumcree

There was a strong hint today that unionism is heading towards a Drumcree-style approach at Ardoyne.

After the announcement from the Parades Commission that Belfast No 2 District will also be restricted from parading the section of the Crumlin Road from Woodvale to Hesketh Road this Saturday, Belfast No 3 District have applied to march the same route on 3rd August.

If you want a quick view of the Drumcree approach, see Ryan’s take on it here:

Of course, both Belfast No 2 District and No 3 District appear to either have forgotten or be ignoring the call from the Deputy Grand Master of the County Orange Lodge of Belfast, Spencer Beattie at the Twelfth launch last Thursday:

We will no longer tolerate the vindictiveness of the Parades Commission and request that it is no longer recognised, acknowledged or engaged with by any member of the Unionist community.

He usefully ended his speech by saying:

United we stand – Divided we fall.

[Update] Belfast No 4 District have now applied to parade the same route on the 10th August in the afternoon. The Ligoniel Apprentice Boys have applied to walk that same route in the morning (which they normally do around this date). If you want to check if the Belfast Districts have added further applications, see here.

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