“You can’t put people in one of two boxes, it is much more complex now”

In the Irish Times Gerry Moriarty talks to five northern “unicorns” – Catholics who believe Northern Ireland is better off in the UK “for economic and cultural reasons”.  From the Irish Times article

If five people from a Catholic background, two of them from nationalist west Belfast – Goss and McKenzie – are so readily prepared to declare their allegiances, there must be more.

These people are far removed from the current tensions over yesterday’s Twelfth parades.

They have no emotional attachment or interest in such flag-waving and parading. They are genuine in their convictions, have thought through their positions and have carefully arrived at the political, economic, social and ideological conclusion that Northern Ireland is better within the union than in a united Ireland.

Of course, despite the choice of title quote, it’s always been much more complex than that…