North Belfast kicks off…

The BBC are reporting that water cannon and baton rounds have been used in north Belfast after a sustained attack on police in the Woodvale area.  Four police officers and one civilian, to date, are reported to have been injured in the disorder.  And there have been a number of clashes between rival loyalist and nationalist groups in the area.  The Guardian is live-blogging events.

• The first violent clashes erupted around twenty minutes to eight in the north end of Belfast city centre at the junction of York Road and Great Frederick Street, two main routes into the northern part of the city.

• The second flashpoint to degenerate into violence and which is still ongoing is at Woodvale Avenue, further north in the city, in the Greater Shankill area. This area is close to the republican Ardoyne district where Orangemen were allowed to march past this morning but
were banned from parading by again this evening.

• The final trouble-zone is across the river Lagan in east Belfast where the larger loyalist Newtonards Road area meets the only Catholic enclave in that part of the city, the Short Strand.

Adds  North Belfast MP, the DUPs Nigel Dodds, has been taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious during the disorder.

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  • DC

    In East Belfast I’m hearing from Alliance activists in private that things are optimistic and that there’s everything to play for.

    Alliance needs to do more work with loyalism and sections of the community that are most in need – as well as the middle class types, when trouble breaks out Alliance is nowhere to be seen, unlike SF as per the clip above. You could query that in order to stay non sectarian Alliance evades sectarian issues and stand offs that in reality need tackled and led on directly from the ground up, yet it will criticise unionism for fckn things despite it being from a unionist area.

    I would wager at Westminster level east Belfast has an MP that doesn’t represent the whole community in that there are sections there that really don’t want Alliance to represent them despite that party’s claim that it can and will. Kind of like the same way that east Belfast was glad to be shot of Peter Robinson. Alliance’s exit will probably mirror its entrance, it shot up the poll and it will probably shoot out and down in a similar fashion.

    However the DUP needs to clear the air and condition its electorate better, lower its expectations but then if you were the UUP you’d be saying we told you so, all these bullshit promises the DUP made you about being better, simply a crock of shite. And look at the hack of the leader, isn’t even an MP and his wife’s a joke and now look at its record in government one mess after another from parades to nutters you kind of get the drift etc etc.

    It’s hard to forgive the DUP at the time of the agreement and in relation to reform of the police at that point it would have been better to have a united front than divided maybe if it had been onside there would at least be a union flag flying from PSNI HQ on designated days, than none like today lol.

    ah well…time for a wee bit of humility all round, Alliance included i guess.

  • DC

    *for fckn things up

  • streetlegal

    In the statements issued by Orange and Unionist leaders the loyalist violence is being condemned on one hand – and then condoned on the other. This is the nature of their deep-rooted sectarianism.

  • Republic of Connaught

    Another year and more riots because of Orange parades not being allowed to stomp their feet where they want. Is it any wonder everyone who hasn’t had the misfortune to be born within the six counties gets sick and tired of the endless childishness after a while and loses interest in the province entirely.

    Of course for those of you born into it you can’t lose interest. But I understand why so many down here and in Britain roll their eyes in relation to the north.

  • Davy McFaul

    I’ve been hearing it and indeed saying it for the last 48 hours in relation to Mervyn Gibson, Davy

    Except of course that I haven’t stated that people are ‘angry, very angry’ and I haven’t stated that I’ll attempt to

    ‘control that anger and channel it against the Parades Commission’.

    Nor am I part of an organisation whose Grand Poobah Dragon Wizard in Belfast, Spencer Beattie has stated:

    “The Protestant unionist loyalist community has had enough – the rot stops now,”

    But relax Peter we all got the memo; everyone except the OO is responsible for the loyalist rioting protesting in Belfast for the past three nights. There’s the PSNI outside my door now, they must want to question me for inciting that third night of violence after I made all those sluggerite rioters go out yesterday.

    BTW, you don’t, by any chance, do part – time work for the Press Centre do you?

  • Sweetcheeks

    The more I think about it, PaddyReilly has provided what is the most incisive commentary and contextual analysis on this site for a long long time.
    The DUP should know that every time Bigot McCausland comes out on TV and puts attempted murderers on the same level of moral opprobrium as the PC that he is, in fact, tempting moderate nationalists in NB to vote for Gerry Kelly.

  • Morpheus

    “I would wager at Westminster level east Belfast has an MP that doesn’t represent the whole community in that there are sections there that really don’t want Alliance to represent them despite that party’s claim that it can and will.”

    There may be sections who don’t want Alliance to represent them but the elections results speak for themselves, greater numbers said they do want Alliance to represent them so that is what they are doing – the electorate can of course change their mind in 2015/2016 so we’ll see then.

  • kells

    Will The Diddyman be putting a claim in for getting wacked on the head?

  • DC

    Blast bombs being thrown in east belfast.

    Mad – this is a disaster.

  • boondock

    Some interesting points raised about North Belfast and elections. First of all the UUP and TUV will certainly not stand in the next GE. That is the good news for Doddsy, the bad news is that this problem isn’t going away and every year this marching mess together with the continual own goals by Dodds an McCausland will cause soft nationalists in North Belfast to do the unthinkable and actually vote for Gerry Kelly especially if Alban retires. Something people haven’t mentioned is what the PUP will do. If they fielded a candidate then yes unionism would certainly lose the seat but it maybe be worthwhile to gain profile for a potential seat in the Assembly. Lets not forget it wasn’t that long ago they were getting nearly 4000 votes here – they stood aside for the DUP in 2001 and have never recovered. With current discontent among Belfast Loyalists it might be a n opportunity again for them and Im sure deep down they would be quire happy to shaft the DUP

  • Alan N/Ards

    I’m arriving to this debate a bit on the late side. I was in the wilds of Fermanagh for 10 days with no internet and barely a mobile signal. Maybe not a bad thing. All I really wanted to say about the 12th has already been said. As a unionist I am ashamed of what happened. I blame the morons in charge of the OO for the violence. As a Presbyterian I am disgusted with Mervyn Gibson. I personally believe that he is bringing the church into disrepute by his position as spokesman for the order. I believe that he should be relieved of his position as a minister of the church while he is a spokesman for the OO. I also would appeal to born again believers to leave the OO. Your loyalty should be to the teachings of Christ and not men wielding ceremonial swords.

  • David Crookes

    Thanks, Alan.