Drug deaths: PUP “don’t know” if UVF dealing, DUP Minister claims PSNI turning a blind eye

The news agenda has been dominated in recent days by the revelation that up to eight people may have lost their lives locally since May as a result of taking illegal drugs.

On The Nolan Show this morning, DUP Health Minister Edwin Poots accused the PSNI of turning a blind eye to the activities of some dealers in return for other information gleaned from these sources, calling for the PSNI to declare they won’t “give cover” to dealers.

But this exchange on UTV last night between PUP councillor, John Kyle, and Paul Clarke was most telling:

Paul Clarke: “Are the UVF dealing in drugs?”

Jonn Kyle: “I don’t know the answer to that question.”

The significance of a prominent elected representative of the UVF-aligned Progressive Unionist Party not being able to deny UVF involvement in drug dealing in 2013, at a time when eight lives have been lost through illegal drug use, should not be underestimated.

A south Belfast-based pastor, Paul Burns, said the drug suppliers were “only loyal to the wallet.”

“Those that push the drugs that get arrested are usually people that have addictive substance abuse problems themselves….It is the ones behind, who are pushing these tablets that are not got, you call them paramilitaries, the only thing they are loyal to is the wallet and making money for themselves.

They are not loyal to their country, they are not loyal to their community, they are peddling death, they are peddling murder and they need to be taken off the streets.”

The DUP Minister’s charge is one that police officers the world over face, and it is an obvious and somewhat understandable dilemma. As Paul Burns remarked, the low-level pushers often have their own addiction difficulties and police officers have to make the call as to whether or not to target them or to try to use leverage from these sources to pursue the ‘bigger fish.’

The PSNI have denied Edwin Poots’ charge in a subsequent radio interview on The Nolan Show, with the Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris claiming he was “stunned” by the allegations.


  • tacapall

    “The PSNI have denied Edwin Poots’ charge in a subsequent radio interview on The Nolan Show, with the Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris claiming he was “stunned” by the allegations”

    Its a tactic that seems perfectly fine to the DUP when its used in nationalist areas. The PSNI denying the practice ! How nothing has changed when it comes to what passes for a police force in this country, I could get you dozens if not scores of young people who the PSNI have used in this way just from the Falls Road and im sure someone like Raymond McCord could produce the same if not more from loyalist areas.

  • Mick Fealty

    This is exactly the kind of story I like to avoid until/unless we have proper evidence… Unfortunately, it’s nearly all there is available in the newsflows these days…

    1, there is no proven link since the toxicology reports have still be done.

    2, republican loyalist paramilitaries, involved in drugs, who knew? Obviously not Dr Kyle…

    3, Oh and here’s Jackie McDonald reading his crib notes rom Gerry:

    “There is no such thing as a loyalist drug dealer, they can be a loyalist or they can be a drug dealer but they can’t be both.”

    Poots played it straight bat until his leader decided to go all out for political pointage (some resentment left over from the flags protest, I suspect)…

  • Chris Donnelly

    Main story, Mick, and a government minister (of Health no less) waging in with accusations being countered by second most senior PSNI officer.

    You could be right about Robinson looking points, but given the non-denial by Dr Kyle (yes, ‘doctor’ no less) it might be considered appropriate for a political rival within unionism to challenge a loyalist party seeking to grow its electoral base on the issue of said party’s links with those believed to be involved in the drug trade.

  • Mick Fealty

    No one who politically attached to a criminal conspiracy can afford tolet the cat out…. but he’d have been better advised to have followed jackies line

  • Dec

    ‘This is exactly the kind of story I like to avoid until/unless we have proper evidence… ‘

    I must have imagined all those Northern Bank robbery threads, then…

  • Ulster Press Centre

    How the hell could John Kyle possibly know what 5000+ UVF members across NI and the UK get up to 24/7???

    Obviously the only honest answer he could give is ‘I don’t know’ so now he’s going to be punished for that? Would you prefer he tells lies Chris??

  • Morpheus

    5000+ UVF members across NI?????

    How come 1 2006 British Army intelligence report said that their membership peaked at 1000? I think someone is telling porky pies

  • Morpheus

    On the drugs issue I think it’s fair to say that this particular batch of drugs (if that is proven to be the case) could easily have gone to the republican drug dealers, the point being that this is not confined to the loyalist working class areas, it is nationwide.

    I can’t for the life of me think why EP thought it was a good idea to say that the PSNI are turning a blind eye to it though. I would’ve thought after his nursing home fiasco he would want to keep his head down for a while and not come out these damaging, unverified anti-PSNI statements.

  • Sp12

    Craven is the word that came to mind following a certain politician’s performance this morning.
    Maybe we’ll now see the DUP use their love for Parliamentary Privilege to name the main men in the HoC?

  • quality

    Ulster Press Centre

    He doesn’t have to know what everyone is up to. But to ‘not know’ whether there are drug dealing paramilitaries in his own patch, east Belfast, (hint: there are, same as other UVF/UDA areas across north Belfast and its suburbs for instance, not wholly a ‘loyalist’ problem though) is either the result of being completely out of touch or completely disingenuous.

  • Mick Fealty


    Try this? http://goo.gl/pQ4eQ

  • tacapall

    “I can’t for the life of me think why EP thought it was a good idea to say that the PSNI are turning a blind eye to it though”

    I cant say I’ve ever agreed to anything a DUP minister has ever said but Edwin Poots scored a bullseye with his dart, the dogs in the street in our areas know its the case that the PSNI use young drug dealers ( those who sell to fed their habit or make ends meet) as informers, provocateurs and their eyes and ears in both republican and loyalist areas, is anyone going to deny that the PSNI is still full of those same RUC officers who done the same and worse and when it comes to the PSNI/RUC nothing has changed just the name and the badge.

    There is more than enough proof that those who masquerade as defenders of our communities either push drugs or turn a blind eye in return for financial gain, people who believe otherwise are either ignorant of the reality or just sticking their heads in the sand.

  • michael-mcivor

    The UVF handed over their guns/put them beyond use a couple of years ago because there was no profit to be had in them-the ectasy of that momment was soon forgot when the new E became the new weapon of choice for them in their own areas-

    This is not a bad batch-all these illegal drugs are bad and all who sell them are our main evil-

  • tacapall

    Maybe you could inform us Michael how FARC finance their war in Columbia or how low level drug dealers in our own areas are fined thousands to ply their trade.Drugs is only part of the extortion racket and Republicans you would support are just one rung up the ladder further than the UVF when it comes to making money off the backs of ordinary citizens, I could go on and name a few institutions where many people are now starting to ask – where is all the money and profit going to, but dirty washing is dirty washing an all that.

    The UVF and the UDA not only peddle drugs but also are financially rewarded by those not connected to them who ply drugs in their areas, no different than republican areas and its all known by the PSNI who for their own selfish reasons play all sides against one another.

  • John Ó Néill

    Surely if Edwin Poots has information about people dealing drugs he has brought it forward to the PSNI?

    Perhaps the Unionist Forum should be re-convened to discuss the issue?

  • tacapall

    Indeed John its an issue thats more pressing and important than a piece of coloured cloth.

  • Mark

    Being caught with a batch of 15 / 20 ecstasy tablets is alot more serious than shoplifting or a motoring offence and enables the PSNI to say to a young dealer ” work for us or it’s 5 , 6 , 7 years in jail . It’s a tried and tested formula that has been used by police all over the world to gain intel on persons of interest . For the asst CC of the PSNI Drew Harris to declare that he is stunned by what EP had to say is a joke . Who does he think he is kidding ? ..

    It’s a pity that it always seems to take multiple deaths / overdoses to get the problem of drugs in the news .Of course it’s the UVF who are dealing in East Belfast …. who else would it be ? The real question is whether it is elements within the organisation doing some moonlighting or the leadership has full knowledge and is using it’s contacts , supply routes and muscle to benefit from the vast profits that can be made from dealing drugs .

  • Mick Fealty

    From Chris’s link above…

    Edwin Poots was responding to an urgent assembly question raised by Sinn Fein’s Phil Flanagan who asked what preventative measures were in place to prevent “further loss of life”.

    The minister passed on his condolences to the families and said there was a need to show them respect and restraint as investigations were ongoing.

    “All we know at this stage is that we have eight unexplained deaths,” he said.

    He said there could be other explanations for the causes of deaths and that the PSNI had asked for the toxicology reports to be processed as soon as possible.

    The minister added he was hoping to get the message out that “drugs should be avoided at all costs”.

  • tacapall

    ““All we know at this stage is that we have eight unexplained deaths,” he said.

    He said there could be other explanations for the causes of deaths and that the PSNI had asked for the toxicology reports to be processed as soon as possible”

    Do you actually believe that Mick, maybe you could explain the deluge of people from the other side of the fence contacting friends and close work colleagues on this side of the fence if they could get them any party stuff so people in the know are well aware what the crack is and where the problem is.

  • michael-mcivor


    ” how FARC fiancé their war ”

    Farc are involved in peace process talks with the Colombian government in Cuba the last I heard-Sinn Fein-the SDLP and the Unionists were also at those talks-

    In the last number of weeks spectacular events/Féile’s have been announced in Republican areas whilst loyalist areas are dying of under E drugs-

  • Granni Trixie

    I always think its a cheap shot when without solid evidence politicians tell us what ‘the dogs n the street knows’. With Poots today I was wondering was his strategy in doing so to deflect media attention from some other story involving health? Watch this space.

  • Reader

    michael-mcivor: In the last number of weeks spectacular events/Féile’s have been announced in Republican areas whilst loyalist areas are dying of under E drugs
    Are republican drugs better than loyalist drugs in general, or is this a specific batch?

  • tacapall

    Reader, no drugs in republican areas are no better. I remember a few years ago a similar tragedy happened and three young teenagers lost their lives and loads others hospitalised.

    Okay Michael “How FARC financed their war or where did the money come from to pay off the debt to the IRA for services rendered.

    “In the last number of weeks spectacular events/Féile’s have been announced in Republican areas whilst loyalist areas are dying of under E drugs”

    What is the reason/cause of the highest rate of suicide in western Europe – West Belfast/North Belfast even East Belfast has its high levels. Are you suggesting its noting to do with. drugs ?

  • Neil

    Of course Pootsy was accurate. In Republican areas drug dealers can potentially expect a visit from some armed men. Does anyone here honestly think that the PSNI wouldn’t give a dealer a by ball if they thought they could get information on the dissidents? Because they would and do, it’s a well known fact.

    The PSNI are short sighted enough to alienate communities by emboldening drug dealers for info about dissidents as they don’t give a toss about Republican communities, but they very much do care about dissidents. Any scumbag who gets a visit can expect to be left be and as such will be that much braver the next time one of their honest, law abiding neighbours complains to the PSNI about their criminal activities.

    To Pootsies performance, well, I can say I was shouting at my car radio. I paraphrase: ‘whether we like it or not these people (UVF & UDA) have credibility in certain areas and they will lose that credibility. I would appeal to them to stop this activity’.

    You see, Loyalist paramilitaries are not a problem really. Don’t demand they disarm Poots, don’t tell them to piss off and stop extorting businesses no no, just let them know that they may lose ‘credibility’. Utter disgrace.

  • DC

    Don’t believe the pusher line, it’s so outdated, drugs are sold because they are popular and people want them. The hit is better than the risk.

    The market for drugs comes from not just so-called working class areas but middle class ones, perhaps more so, as a result of youths there or whoever setting up secret networks with the paramilitaries, who then sell on to everyone from all walks of life.

    If the paramilitaries are pushing, they are only pushing at a very very open door!

    The toxicology reports will be key as perhaps alcohol and or coke (supply-side usually more associated with republicans) in the body might be a factor or might not – and it could therefore just be the drug itself.


    I wouldn’t be so sure, there is nothing to stop loyalists or whoever for that matter from creating their own pill factory in a house or kitchen using their ‘own guys’. These guys won’t be the tabloid stereotypical low-lifes or whatever but normal people with degrees in medicine or pharmacy or something and are likely to be without work themselves. Relatively smart, educated yet perhaps flawed guys with time on their hands and no jobs too. They may well know the paramilitaries and been born in northern ireland but will likely be producing them in europe for better access to the chemicals needed for Es etc.

    The pill makers i imagine do it because they need the money, they like to party and there is both a lucrative enough and sustainable market in it for them – sustainable would indicate that the risks are relatively non-existent as humans don’t like to pay to poison themselves, the market would be a shrinking one if over time people viewed Es as genuinely harmful.

    At the end of the day the PUP is elected on its political agenda and its own unique political identity as part of electoral politics, it isn’t elected for its apparent street knowledge of uvf terrorists. so ‘i don’t know’ is a good ending sentence but perhaps not the best one to start with. It shouldn’t just be seen or painted by the media as some sort of go-to party for an explanation on badly behaving UVF guys, you know a sort of PR party that is called out to answer for the UVF because tabloid papers believe that certain UVF guys are selling drugs or what not.

    I guess john kyle could have said he is working with everyone in the community to try and identify where the pills are coming from and to establish where the criminality is coming from in a bid to work out who exactly is selling these drugs.

    Drugs are a societal problem with loads of factors behind why it is people take them, i find it a bit silly that the usual suspects are on here boiling it down along party political lines. Party politics somehow responsible in some way by either not knowing or not knowing enough and the inadequacy of the pup in particular for not supplying names and agreeing on tv just who is doing it and what organisation etc.

    The reality is a lot more complex and bigger than party politics. Sinn Fein might believe in the potency of the party machine and that ‘the party is always right’, but then that is Sinn Fein, the party that can achieve everything except its main objective.

  • michael-mcivor


    ” Are republican drugs better than loyalist drugs “-

    I say UVF-you just say Republican-notice the difference-


    ” Are you suggesting it’s nothing to do with drugs “-

    Some of it could be for all we know-but we are not talking about Suicide-this was murder and the murderous are being protected-not just by some police but by the hundreds of people who seen those drugs being sold in bar toilets etc-CCTV must be a thing of the past in some of these case’s-

  • Reader

    michael-mcivor: I say UVF-you just say Republican-notice the difference
    Do you want me to narrow down the label or widen it out? I’m not qualified – actually, I am interested in *your* insights.
    For instance, people seem to conclude from the victims so far that it was loyalist stuff. And yet the potential market spans the city – so do different groups operate in different areas (turf)? Or do loyalists operate city wide?
    But then, when dissidents do some threats or some kneecapping, they seem to pick on victims from the same ‘tradition’. That suggests the market is partitioned, or at least franchised. What do you reckon?

  • aquifer

    The biggest date rape drug around here is alcohol.

    And could our ‘come all yee’ culture do without it?

    Pick a real fight Mr health minister.

  • UserAinm

    The real solutions to this problem, decriminalisation or legalisation and then regulation and taxation, are currently beyond what enough people can wrap their heads around.

    Until such a time as people can rationalise this the demand will create the market and the position of vendors will be populated by criminals. These will be linked to paramilitaries in our own little plot of dirt’s case.

    People take drugs. This has always and will always happen. And these drugs are sold across all boundaries of turf and class. Even at the height of his powers in the lower Shankill Johnny Adair wasn’t above selling gear to taigs, who in turn weren’t above buying it to take or sell on.

  • Granni Trixie


    What evidence have you for claiming ‘everybody’s doing drugs’ ? Or do you agree this is onky an impressionistic assessment.
    I cannot be unusual in not knowing a single person who takes drugs.

  • UserAinm

    Granni Trixie,

    With the best will in the world, I didn’t say that.

  • UserAinm

    Granni Trixie

    With the best will in the world, I didn’t say ‘everybody’s doing drugs’. Despite your quotation marks suggesting I did. Not a dig at you but an important distinction.

  • Neil

    Around 7% of people smoke cannabis, then tack on the occasional pill poppers, coke fiends and the odd acid head and if you know ten people it’s likely one of them may discreetly smoke a joint of an evening. They just may not advertise it.

  • tacapall

    “The murderous are being protected-not just by some police but by the hundreds of people who seen those drugs being sold in bar toilets etc-CCTV must be a thing of the past in some of these case’s”

    Wouldn’t disagree with you there Michael but lets not pretend its just loyalist areas this problem affects.

    ” (supply-side usually more associated with republicans) ”

    Absolute bullocks DC,Coke, Ecstasy, grass, brown and magic is widely available on both sides of the community, its heroin and crack thats more associated to loyalist areas.

  • Mark

    Not to forgot the many people that would take a sleeping tablet at night or a little something for the nerves . Prescription drugs are just as dangerous and just as addictive as street drugs however people don’t like to talk about that …esp the big pharmaceutical companies ……. and Elvis .

  • Granni Trixie


    Sorry, I was summing up my lazy reading of what you wrote. Am now wondering who I know that does ‘smoke’ etc. ( leaving out my favourite, Rufus Wainwright, whom I feel I know, but then he has seen the light as regards Meths).

    However, if as indicated above MANY take various drugs it does surprise me that fear of what drugs can do to a person is not more of a deterrent.

  • tacapall

    Indeed Mark, no-one wants to point the finger to shoot shopkeepers that sell cancer sticks the main killer drug or charge and convict or shoot owners of pubs, clubs and off licenses who sell the next big killer drug alcohol, but then those multi national corporations that manufacture those drugs control the politicians we elect but sure thats what capitalism is about, hypocrisy and injustice.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I thought it interesting that Dr Kyle did not deny the drug dealing, which is what any other party leader would have done.

    To me the problem is that none of the executive parties have a strategy on organized crime. The DUP don’t want to seriously go after the loyalist groupings who supervise most of the the drug dealing in this country. So we have to put up with these pathetic “calls for action” from some politicians and complaints directed at the PSNI from others rather than anything concrete being done.

  • Dec

    Not really sure what point you’re making, Mick given your statement ‘I like to avoid until we have proper evidence’ : http://sluggerotoole.com/2005/09/18/the_northern_bank_robbery_it_hasnt_gone_away/

    The above link is from 4 years before all the links you provided.

  • SK

    “the party that can achieve everything except its main objective.”


    DC, I disagree with pretty much every opinion you have ever expressed on this site, but that is the most astute description of Sinn Fein I have heard thus far. It accounts for that odd combination of superciliousness and fear that typifies the unionist attitude towards them.

  • ACC claiming to have been ‘stunned by allegations’ perhaps tazers were used on him. Poots winded his neck in at Stormont on his earlier rant at PSNI/RA. Which reminds one of Ian Paisley in his failed 1977 strike failure claiming afterwards he ‘had assurances from Secretary Mason that security would be STEPPED UP after claiming he would get Stormont back days earlier

  • derrydave

    The drug ‘problem’ is never going to go away – the ignorance of politicians and non drug-takers is pretty astounding really. There’s always talk of despair and unemployment and miserable lives leading people down the road to drug use. Complete nonsense, except for a tiny minority. For the vast majority of drug-users the motivation is fun and craic and good times. Whisper is quietly……drugs are actually really good fun, and the cameraderie in gettin ‘high’ with yer pals in whatever way is your particular favourite is very hard to beat. Whisper it even more quietly….the risk of death through taking recreational drugs is absolutely tiny. How many people do you personally know who have died through the use of recreational drugs ?? How many do you know who have died through alcohol abuse ?? The answer to the first question for me is zero (and I grew up taking recreational drugs every weekend for years and years surrounded by people who did the same. The answer to the second question for me is ‘quite a lot actually’, including a number of members of my own family.
    That’s the reality. A big fuss will be made over this for a few weeks, then the story will dissapear and we’ll all go back to normal. Meanwhile, kids all over NI will be out gettin high with their pals as usual, safe in the knowledge that statistically speaking, it’s very safe, and it’s also great craic ! At the same time the whole of Ireland will continue hammering the aceptable drug – alcohol – with many hundreds or thousands dying every year from the effects.
    Ps I no longer take drugs of any kind – apart from alcohol. Not because of any perceived danger, purely down to the fact that I’m a boring old fogey now, don’t have the recovery days spare, and happy to be livin life a bit slower. Drugs are for young people on the whole – that’s as true now as it was in the 60’s, and as it will be in the 2060’s.

  • cynic2

    “In Republican areas drug dealers can potentially expect a visit from some armed men.”

    Do you mean former PIRA now protecting their market position?

    ” 5000+ UVF members”

    Do you now get free UVF membership with every wrap or bag of blow?

  • cynic2

    There really is so much nonsense on this adn in this story as a whole.


  • cynic2

    As Mick says there really is so much nonsense in this story as a whole.- its a great moral panic with no evidence and a lot of grandstanding by Ministers desperate to avoid questions on things like hospital performance, the state of A&E s etc

    1 there is no clear evidence in the public domain to link all these deaths. We don’t even know what killed them all. Was there no evidence of other causes? This really should be made public.

    2 if as I fear a number of them simply died of say alcohol will Poots rush out and demand that all all sales of alcohol be banned ( he would probably like to but the Lodge wouldn’t stand for it)?

  • Neil

    “In Republican areas drug dealers can potentially expect a visit from some armed men.”

    Do you mean former PIRA now protecting their market position?

    That’s not my experience, nor related to any point I was trying to make. I’ve never come across a provo (or a former one) selling drugs anywhere. However if it makes you happier to believe that they are dealers fair play to you.

    My point was Poots talking about the UVF in starkly contrasted terms to those he used when talking about any Republican group. He’s a hypocrite. The Loyalist paramilitaries are not really much of a problem as long as they don’t do anything to damage their ‘credibility’. It certainly wasn’t worth his while condemning them and demanding their removal from society as many in his own community would desire.

    Between that consistent double standard, our DUP candidate in Antrim and that other DUPer talking about burning the flag of his neighbour and the people his party leader envisages voting for his party (not really though, but that’s what he says) I’m not really feeling the love.

    Yet I won’t wait long for the next sarcastic reference to SF’s outreach here. Meeting your Queen was not enough. Supporting Orange lodge’s applications for money was not enough. When they lay a wreath for your soldiers the complaint is it wasn’t done in the afternoon.

    Yeah all that SF stuff is crap, offering to burn your flag would have been a better bet. Talking about the RIRA’s credibility would have helped. Studiously ignoring a SF candidate being charged with a sectarian attempted murder would have been an effective strategy and it all would have blown over in no time. Yeah right, the only thing that would have blown over would have been the executive as Peter raced out the door with the rest of Unionism in tow. Double standards.

  • Ulster Press Centre

    Neil: That’s not my experience, nor related to any point I was trying to make. I’ve never come across a provo (or a former one) selling drugs anywhere. However if it makes you happier to believe that they are dealers fair play to you.

    How many UVF drug dealers have you met then?

  • DC

    Perhaps the Unionist Forum should be re-convened to discuss the issue?

    The same way the Sinn Fein Summer School should be used to discuss the ‘disappeared’?

  • Neil


    So they are contaminated Es. Some unscrupulous cook has used cheap ingredients and it’s a good thing that people should know that these things are worth avoiding. It matters not who’s selling them, just that people stop taking them, though I have a feeling they’ll be going cheap and some folks will roll the dice.

  • DC

    ‘A predominant symptom of fatalities around the globe has been over-heating of the body.’

    Perhaps the unionist forum should discuss this too?

    “There is no such thing as a safe drug or a safe dose’ – yes there is, but just not on the black market. the pills weren’t MDMA then. The black market is the risk maker.

    The supply chains are so deep rooted and diverse the war on the drugs is lost, also production is easier because of access to cheap chemicals, cheap equipment to make it, the know how is becoming cheaper too as people can read how to make and produce pills thanks to the internet, youths running around as amateur pharmacists, China is full of producers of synthetic stimulants. So globalisation is another factor, cheap air transport…

    The truth is if Es were sold over the counter legally these guys would still be alive. Now whether that is right morally the debate will be controversial but what is not controversial is that if these pills were MDMA, these persons would still be alive.

    Perhaps pointless moralism is affecting drug policy to the point where death would have been avoided if legal than illegal??

  • Neil

    100% DC. Legalisation is the only way. Same goes for many drugs, the danger is in the cheap ingredients used to maximise profits, and the dangers inherent in allowing impressionable young men try to buy relatively safe drugs from immoral dealers.

    ‘Can I have a ten deal of hash please’
    ‘Here ya go. And here, have this wrap of smack for free, it’s 100 times better than hash you’ll love it.’

    I have seen that play out in front of me, fortunately to someone wise enough to say no thanks. But allowing people to buy drugs off criminals is the real danger, over the counter as you say those young men would be getting over the mid week blues by now.

  • I’m all for decriminalization of recreational drugs. It would make the products safer if they were produced legally and under standard industrial regulations. I don’t believe there is any evidence that any country would go to hell in a handbasket should that happen. In the interests of full disclosure, the only recreational “drug” I take is alcohol. And I love a couple of nips in the evening.

  • Neil
  • Ulster Press Centre

    So, a lot of auld shite and mud thrown at my community and UVF volunteers by Nationalist bigots and the sectarian PSNI without any basis at all.


    “No single killer drug was responsible for the deaths of eight people in Belfast and Coleraine over the last four weeks, police have said.

    Investigations are continuing, but the PSNI said on Friday that they did not believe there was a link connecting all eight deaths.”

    Mick, any chance of an apology for your site facilitating anti-Loyalist lies and propaganda over the past few weeks???

  • UserAinm

    How do the UVF get money, UPC?

  • Reader

    The flow of information seems to be smoother in Scotland: