Shane gets the Lions roaring..

Here’s my team:

15 Halfpenny – he missed a kick in 2011 and a tackle in 2009….I’ve decided to let him marry my niece.

14, hmmm  difficult – I think Kearney…or maybe Shane…

13, Davies – player of the tour so far,

12, O’Driscoll – if he’s fit

11, North – ditto

10, Sexton – looking grown up…well at least compared to Farrell

9. Phillips – superb so far

8. Heaslip

7. Warburton

6, Croft (we have to have a token English bloke)

5 O’Connell

4 Wyn Jones

3 Jones

2 Hibbard

1. Vunipola

What do you think?

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  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    No Roberts? Is that because of injury? The backrow is a nightmare – both SOB and Tuparic could well make it.
    Who is fit for the 14? Zebo looked okay yesterday from what I saw. Is cuthbert wrecked?

    Lions look very good so far but we’ll not know anything until the 1st test.

    Watched the blacks without Ritchie and Dan hammer france – sensational stuff. England really on the up too with 2 great performances in Argentina and Scots did well in SA.

  • Dewi

    cuthbert a super finisher but he didn;t start playing rugby till he was 15 or so…means his defensive posititiong is really bad..Aussies would love that. Zebo a bit the same except he really should have finished that try yesterday…difficult decisions…..Japan were great !!!!

  • boondock

    Shane Williams call up is farcical and bit of an insult to a number of more worthy wingers who have not been picked instead. Why is it a surprise that injuries are mounting was no-one watching what happened to Ireland in this years 6 nations? The squad should have been bigger from the start or alternatively the tour shorter – were the games against the barbarians and the combined counties really needed = er no. Any future Lions tour to Australia should also give Western Force a miss after they couldnt be bothered to field any sort of team. Roll on the test match. Your team looks good but I presume you are joking about 14, cuthbert, zebo and Bowe with a broken hand will all be ahead of kearney, Ill not even mention Williams

  • Dewi

    boondock – chill – its only a game…Cuthbert has defensive issues– im a big Kearney fan…

  • Newman

    Dewi…Hibbard has misfired along with Best at line out..Youngs unerring accuracy will give him the nod…Cuthbert will also be selected..otherwise I concur

  • boondock

    Dewi I am only pointing out that there are dozens of more eligible wingers who would probably like a lions cap on their cv as opposed to semi retired Williams. I think my points about a bigger squad and/or fewer matches is just and as for Kearney he isnt the same player of 4 years ago and quite frankly has been poor for some time he gets isolated often and fails to offload its just at the moment Ireland have no alternative

  • Dewi

    …i actually think Shane might make the team….

  • boondock

    I read somewhere that he is out of the squad the very next day it is just for this one match!

  • Dewi

    ….but things may change…

  • boondock

    Rory Best just showing everyone why he wasnt picked in the first place another stinker of a performance with the darts. A bit of a worry for Ireland as this problem just doesnt seem to be going away. He is great in open play but a hooker who cant throw is next to useless

  • boondock

    So Lions beaten oh dear, Gatland need some explaining for his last few days of madness because he essentially has sacrifised this game. He says people only remember the test matches but the truth is like the lions of 74 an unbeaten tour reaches legendary status. I take back what I said about Kearney he was class today and him Gray and the back row did well to keep the lions in the game as the other 10 players were awful. The subs came on too late to make a difference!