Shane gets the Lions roaring..

Here’s my team:

15 Halfpenny – he missed a kick in 2011 and a tackle in 2009….I’ve decided to let him marry my niece.

14, hmmm  difficult – I think Kearney…or maybe Shane…

13, Davies – player of the tour so far,

12, O’Driscoll – if he’s fit

11, North – ditto

10, Sexton – looking grown up…well at least compared to Farrell

9. Phillips – superb so far

8. Heaslip

7. Warburton

6, Croft (we have to have a token English bloke)

5 O’Connell

4 Wyn Jones

3 Jones

2 Hibbard

1. Vunipola

What do you think?

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