Query: Why are the EU and Republic of Ireland flags at the Lough Erne G8 resort?

Just out of curiosity I noted both the EU and Republic of Ireland flags flying at the Lough Erne resort in County Fermanagh on the local news earlier today. Now the G8 leaders countries are the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Russia & Italy. Apparently the Presidents of the EU Commission and European Council also attend which explains the EU flag but sort of defies the logic of the `Group of eight`. Ireland currently holds the Presidency of the Council of European Union.  The flag of the country holding the Council of the European Union has not been flown on previous occassions. At the 2004 G8 Sea Island Summit in USA with Ireland`s Bertie Ahern present as EU Council president the EU flag was flown twice to represent the European Commission & EU Council .

Why is the EU flag flying anyhow since it is not a nation? And why are unelected José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy the ninth and tenth members?

G8 in Gleneagles, Scotland, UK in 2005

  • cynic2

    Who gives a damn?

  • Fearglic

    i agree with you cynic2 most people dont give a monkey’s tin whistle about the G8 get-together or in deed flags.

  • Mick Fealty

    Okay, EU always sits at the top table. That makes it G8+1. As the Taoiseach is a the guest of the UK, the tricolour is there too.

    [No need to be so crabby guys]

  • aquifer

    Adds a bit of colour?

  • When does the riot start, Monday? I mean, there’s always riots at the G8 and G20, aren’t there?

  • European commission and European council presidents make the 9th and 10th mebers

  • Mick Fealty
  • GavBelfast

    You know, I can more than live with these things ….

  • @Mick,

    The G countries are also supposed to be the group of leading economic powers among the democracies. So why is the Russian flag flying there?

  • Dewi

    What’s with you lot and blasted flags?

  • Reader

    Dewi: What’s with you lot and blasted flags?
    Nice avatar, Dewi. What is it?

  • cynic2


  • sonofstrongbow

    Double ouch!!

    No issues with the Irish Tricolour at the G8. The Dublin government is after all spending on security on their side of the border and no doubt delegates/press/hangers on etc will base themselves in the Republic.

  • JR

    Maybe it it’s out of courtesy to the locals, it is their flag after all.

  • pauluk

    I think it is another case of British magnanimity towards our fellow Islanders in the Republic of Ireland. We did a similar thing in including the ROI in the torch run before the Olympics. We have no hostility towards the South.

  • HammerTime

    Have to give them all the help they can get. Bailout Loans, Olympic torch in Dublin and now a wee bit of attention on the world stage at the G8. They’ll be looking back into the Union yet.

  • Mick Fealty


    Economy was the early motive. But it has to all intents been superseded by the G20, which includes China and Russia. In terms of economic importance G20 is the real nexus.

    G8 is in the hands of the chairing nation. That’s why I argue Fermanagh will air important agendas which nevertheless are unlikely to see further action until the G20 goes to Turkey

  • SK

    An Irish flag? In Ireland?


  • cynic2

    “it is their flag after all”

    Not according to the elections or polls

  • Alias

    “An Irish flag? In Ireland?”

    Not as crazy as the British government hosting the G8 in a foreign country when the practice is for the host to host it in its own country…

    …oh, wait.

  • @Mick,

    For over two decades the G-7 consisted only of democracies, then in the 1990s Russia under Yeltsin was invited to join in the mistaken belief that this would encourage the development of democracy in Russia. No one since has had the balls to demand that Russia’s membership be rescinded despite the autocratic nature of the Russian government. The Irish flag flying at the summit is much more in the spirit of the original G-7 than is the Russian flag.

  • sherdy

    I was of the impression that the Irish flag will be flying at the G8 because Ireland holds the presidency of the EU.
    Nothing to do with the UK’s magnanimity.

  • Old Mortality

    ‘“An Irish flag? In Ireland?”
    Not as crazy as the British government hosting the G8 in a foreign country when the practice is for the host to host it in its own country…

    …oh, wait.’

    Excellent return of serve.

  • Jack2

    Wow look at Robbo trying to stride in the shadows of those in the worlds spotlight.

    What other world leader has been cuckolded by a teenage boy
    What other world leader has been in the grasp of a developer for a fiver.
    What other world leader lost their seat and didn’t have the decency to leave.

    He’s a shillings worth of leader on a billion dollar stage.

  • seamusot

    Why not put up a prize of £50,000 for the Shankhill boys to come over and seek to remove the Tricolour. After multiple burials that would bring an end to the flegs issue.

  • Why the “Shankill boys”? They seem decent folks to me. Aren’t the protectors of purity now from the East?

  • Hammertime While the Republic is temporarily in hock, Norn Iron has never been anything other than a lame duck It should be called leechiana permanently in hock to England totally dependand on their charity. a wasteland of parasitia personified.Are you proud of your dependency?

  • Jack2 [9.18] I couldn’t have put it better myself. Robbo’ legacy is couched forever in fivers The ultimate mercenary personified. Respect? He wouldn’t know it if it smashed his face in.

  • Old Mortality

    ‘Are you proud of your dependency?’
    I don’t think anyone is, apart from the occasional nationalist who on this site has commended maximum dependency as a valid act of resistance, like.
    Any sign that the RoI is eager to assume that burden of dependency? No? In which case you’ll be a vigorous advocate of radical welfare reform.

  • Cynic2[7.46] Who indeed gives a damn. The BBC One o’clock news covering Obama’s arrival used zero time on his Waterfront Hall speech, Just wait for the News Letter headlines ‘Unionist Fury as….’

  • USA

    Why are the EU and Republic of Ireland flags at the Lough Erne G8 resort?

    Because, given the location of the summit, it is the right thing to do.

  • sonofstrongbow

    Shocking partisanship on flags by the USA! President Obama is flying the Union Flag and the Stars and Stripes side by side on his limo.

    Query: is the President sitting on an Irish Tricolour cushion inside the car?

  • FuturePhysicist

    Has some idiot confused the Italian ‘tricolore’ for the Irish ‘trídhathach’ again?

  • SeaanUiNeill


    So you trust the polls? Not such a cynic(too), seemingly!

    ‘ “it is their flag after all”

    Not according to the elections or polls’

    When I was speeding north from a short research trip to Cork to vote on the Good Friday Referendum I seem to remember bill boards flagging the 70% vote in Castleblaney at about 5.00pm, well before the polls actually shut. Now, it may just have been a lucky guess by the journalists, but since 1998 I can never receive election or poll results without wondering……..

  • Tochais Síoraí

    It was a gigantic conspiracy, Seaan….

    Or, em, an exit poll.

  • GEF

    “Query: Why are the EU and Republic of Ireland flags at the Lough Erne G8 resort?”

    Maybe Kinsally could produce a photograph showing the
    “Republic of Ireland flag at the Lough Erne G8 resort?”?

  • HammerTime

    Danielsmoron – I wasn’t trying to be as snide as my comment suggests. More along the lines of I am regularly amused at all the anti-Britishness by many on the Island but when it suits them they are all over it like a tr@mp on chips. e.g. British football teams, Olympic torch in Dublin, the pat on the back to themselves/aren’t we great after the Queen visit etc. etc.

    Your comment is a disgrace. What about the people in the poorer parts of the North of England, parts of Wales and Scotland? Are they also parasites? What about the Irish that embed themselves in every corner of every economy on earth….are they parasites?

  • SK

    “More along the lines of I am regularly amused at all the anti-Britishness by many on the Island but when it suits them they are all over it like a trmp on chips”

    In other words you were trying to be as snide as your comment suggested.

    Most people on this island would have nothing against the lads next door. But hey, why ruin a perfectly good cliche.

  • Hammertime[9.26] I’m entirely happy the the folk across the water and give them credit where it’s due. Anyone who carps at Britain here is doing so in the political sense only, it doesn’t make them hypocrites to appreciate British culture [sport TV etc] while popinting out the political shortcomings. The things we’re told are unionist/loyalist like parades and abuse of flags are totally alien to the Britain based populastion who see them for what they are provocative for the sake of it and nothing else.

  • HammerTime

    What about all the good things? Best, Van Morrison, McIlroy, the scenery, the friendliness, our fantastic over proportionate contribution to the armed forces (from both sides) etc…..all stuff that we can be proud of and what the mainlanders love. Why do plonkers like you always degrade NI and try to tar all of us the same as these flag/parade eejits. They are a small proportion at the end of the day….most ‘unionists,’ as in pro-Union but little else unionist, don’t give a toss anymore.

    I know a few people that are extremely anti-British/upthera all that craic. One, a teacher is in Surrey now teaching cos’ he couldn’t get a job in his beloved Eire. Is still as bigoted……..The hypocrisy.

  • McIlroy is overrated. The timing of his win during the Olympics was instructive in that the pressure was off him due to the olympics coverage. He can’t hack the pressure and made another hash of the tournament just passed. He’s the darling of the NI media because he’s a catholic who buys into the whole Norn Iron jingoism and BBC and UTV go into orgasms for that. They don’t give fair coverage to other NI golfers who are more talented. McDowell for instance. Best, an alcoholic who squandered his talent Morrison a social misfit. I could go on but won’t. The tame broadcast media here are neurotically jingoistic because they are desperate and as a result pathetic.

  • HammerTime

    Prod, Cath, Black, White….what’s wrong with being proud to be from NI?? Why does that wind you up so much?

    I have no great like for Mcilroy (growing really tired of the typical golf cliches constantly coming out of his mouth) but he is a local boy who reached the top of his game. Best for all his flaws was a genius and revered worldwide.

  • I wouldn’t have a problem saying I was proud to be from the UK, but NI isn’t itself a country but a tiny part of it, yet that claim is constantly made for it by jingoistic loudmouths. It’s a ecomic wastyeland entirely dependent on English taxpayers money but without any gratitude only right of entitlement to it

  • GavBelfast


    Not that it makes any difference to your entitlement to express your opinions, but, just to help contextualise things a little, would I be right in thinking that you aren’t from “these parts”?


    Good points, well made. It’s so often a case of the old adage “empty vessels make most noise” (I don’t mean you, “Daniel”!), and worse, and too often a too silent minority that is drowned-out or just switches-off and gets on with making a living.

    Unfortunately, the attention-seekers here have been indulged for so long that it’s seemingly found its way into the DNA ….

  • GavBelfast[4.09]I am from ‘these parts’ [if that refers to Northern Ireland, [there, I’ve used the official name and the ceiling hasn’t fallen in]and it’s not the fact it’s ruled from London that I’ve a problem with but the way it was ruled locally by unionists which made inevitable the instability which blighted it since the late 60s.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Sorry to be so long in getting back Tochais Síoraí (see up above) but it just has to be said!

    Well, I thought exit poll myself, but I stopped and the posters were all on their own and clearly for final results in “tomorrows paper”, so set me thinking. I’d just come out of a career in television at the time and had some Dublin friends in broadcast news in London who had stories carefully vetted by Horseferry road spooks, so I knew that people DO conspire, especially on trivial mundane things. I know that getting anything on the screen requires all the conspiratorial skills anyone can muster, and I doubt if getting anything done in politics is really that much easier.

    And before you ask, I now the flying saucer over Carrickfegus is actually a police helicopter, the little voices in my head are very, very clear on that!