Ireland’s Call as you may never have heard it before….

Don’t you just hate American candour… We never ever get to hear Irish rugby players render Ireland’s Call in their own voices… Check this about here, but don’t say you weren’t warned… (most of the US players had the sense not to try, and those who did were largely drowned out by the crowd..)

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  • Kevsterino

    Rugby players should be seen and not heard ;o)

  • Let’s not tell Dewi, OK?

    An Old Friend (ahem!) has Facebooked:

    Japan 23, Wales 8.

    Oh dear!

    Meanwhile the Beeb’s Anglophile roots are showing [@ 10:17]:

    “Wales suffered their first ever defeat by Japan. In the spirit of the Lions, I’m going to assume all Englishmen are full of sympathy for their Celtic brethren.”

    You have to love ’em, really.

    It’s probably just as well if Wales don’t play the whole of Samoa (old joke: still resonates for me).

  • Jimmy Sands

    It’s just occurred to me that Ireland’s Call is in fact the theme from Blazing Saddles.

  • Jimmy Sands @ 7:33 pm:

    … the classic clip of which should always be watched, silent, with sub-titles.