G8 caption competition

Brian John Spencer - Slugger O'Toole caption competition

  • 11 into 8 won’t go.

  • sonofstrongbow

    After dinner Martin and Peter entertained the guests with a game of Charades.

  • Cris Cross

    “I’m a world leader, get me out of here!”

  • cynic2

    “I’m busy doin nuthin, working the whol day thru
    Tryin to find things not to do

  • cynic2

    David Trimble sets out his former policy on the peace process. Jump through hoops for Marty while the US President watches from the sidelines

  • babyface finlayson

    Peter: “So let me welcome you to Fermanagh here.”
    Putin” “Did someone say ‘Femen are here’? Excellent.

  • JR

    Alls fair in love and war

  • Morpheus

    “Oi Angela, Valdimir – did you guys understand a single word that those Martin and Peter guys said at the reception?”

  • Tochais Síoraí

    All right, Peter, you can sit beside Barack at the Fermanagh Cavan game.

  • C’mon, it’s not that difficult:
    Tá mé, tá tú

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    “Welcome to Northern Ireland”

    “Welcome to IRELAND”

    “No, welcome to NORTHERN Ireland”


    “No, welcome to NORTHERN IRELAND”




    Putin: “I’m soh seek of peeple pretendink to bee friends when they are not, come Barack to pub. It ees yowr round, no?”

    B.O: “Actually, Vlad, I believe it’s yours”

    Putin:”No, yowrs!”

    B.O: “YOURS!”

    Putin: “YOWRRS!”….

  • Monty_Carlo

    As Gaeilge: Céad mile fáilte.

    Ulster Scots: Whatabout yee’s, stick yer arse on any sate goin’.

  • Some good ones here. I declare Cris Cross the winner by a narrow margin.

  • Greenflag

    Question :

    Whats the difference between the G8 leaders summit and the Peter and Martin charade and a summit of the world’s chief banking CEO’s ?

    Answer :

    The Peter & Martin charade .