Absentee OFMdFM leadership thawing out in Brazil?

Brilliant piece of’so-whatness’ from MalachiO’Doherty on an OFMdFM that seems not to understand yet that it is they who are in charge, or Matt Baggott, or anyone of a dozen favourite bogeymen…

Have you been down to the beach? Copacabana? Pina Colada?

That’s what you need, some chill-out time to talk over your wee differences. Like the flags.

Puts the whole thing in perspective, eh?

No need to be getting so rattled about it that you have to virtually boycott each other when there’s a camera pointing at you. Let me just fill you in there. It’s quietened down a bit, though there was a wee loyalist riot in Glengormley the other night.

Five peelers were hurt but the SoS has been looking after it, saying it’s totally unacceptable, the usual stuff.

Sammy has been a bit tactless, telling judges that they are just civil servants. But there have been no more embarrassing arrests, so that’s good. Right?

You know how both of you fret when the Baggott nicks somebody. There have been no more bombs? Well not many and mostly just duds.

And one up in Lenadoon and one in the Village. It’s all looking very Equal Opportunity so far.

And then a bomb exploded by the M5 near a police car. It keeps the Army busy. What would we do without the Army? Sorry, Marty; our wee joke. It just goes to show that all you need to get this place and its problems out of your system is a wee bit of a break.

Will you be back for St Pat’s Day? That’s looking a bit iffy.

Oh, of course, you’ll be in Washington. Sure, don’t give it a thought. Tess will manage to say the right thing and if there’s any bother you’ll hear about it when you get back.

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  • “Oh, of course, you’ll be in Washington.”

    I wonder if Mal has spotted the additional MLAs who are going on this year’s Washington jaunt.

    I understand Peter and Martin take their own cameraperson on these distant forays; you would have thought they could have handed the camera to one of their flunkeys.

  • BarneyT

    Sure isn’t all this symtomatic of a “country” struggling and contending with an identity? Ordinarily this would be the role of our “prime” minister however SF can’t let him represent “us” in Brazil can he.

    The DUPs will be thinking the same perhaps if Martin makes the trip alone as a would be foreign minister. “He might portray us to the Brazilians as Irish or something and we’re not Irish until next week..”

    Shared power, shared trip…separate everthing else 🙂

  • They were only visiting the Sao Paulo Chamber of Industry, FIESP, not the federal ministries. In a piece in ig.com.br I see ” a Fiesp recebe nesta terça-feira os dois primeiros-ministros do país europeu.” (the two prime ministers of this European country). A commentator on the page said “VOLTEM DEPOIS”. (http://goo.gl/v23WW)

    But at least Newton was there: Newton de Melo.

  • Are we being a little too parochial? When they move closer to home they move further apart – thanks, partly, to the constitutional conundrum.

    Martin: “The only way to develop international relationships is through face to face meetings.”

    Peter: ” We will leave no stone unturned as we continue to identify new markets and promote Northern Ireland in Brazil”

    Science without Borders is a Brazilian Government scholarship programme which aims to send 100,000 Brazilian students on undergraduate sandwich courses, PhD sandwich courses and full PhDs to study in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and creative industries at top universities around the world.”

    Martin: “We have steadily increased our exports to Brazil from £5.8million in 2006 to over £27million of manufactured goods in 2012.

    Kelvin’s pics