How do Robinson and McGuinness explain their anti- EU stances to Brazilian and other would be overseas investors?

The Financial Times (£)  have another report warning of possible dire consequences if the UK voted to leave the EU in a 2017 referendum,  not least for Ireland north and south.

An UK exit from the EU would produce huge complications to cross border trade – you can just imagine trying to put in place bilateral arrangements,” said Steve Aitken, chief executive of the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce. “Businesses don’t recognise the national boundaries that politicians do and are extremely integrated nowadays,” he said.

Terrorists also do not recognise borders. Ireland’s justice minister and his counterpart in the Northern Ireland executive have warned London about the danger of opting out of key EU counter terrorism measures such as the European arrest warrant.

Concerns about the possible reintroduction of border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic, if the UK exited the EU, have also been expressed.

This might be just a tad alarmist. Non- EU Norway seems to manage continuing easy relations with EU members, their neighbours Denmark Sweden and Finland. I see our leaders FMDFM are escaping  the fallout from the flags protest in Brazil.  No doubt we all wish them luck in their avowed aim  to trump business from a fast growing economy which is currently outstripping the UK’s.

How do they explain the  respective  nationalist anti- EU stances of both  the DUP and SF  and the threat uncertainly over EU membership  could pose to Northern Ireland as a platform for Brazilian investment in Europe? Just another one of the little  games we play – pay no attention?  David Cameron just might create the opportunity of having their bluff called.

Does anyone know what their previous  jaunts to India and China have actually delivered?