Basil and John need a name for their New Party: Can you help?

Renegade former Ulster Unionist MLAs Basil McCrea and John McCallister have now publicly announced that they intend to set up a new political party for those disaffected with the political direction of the UUP under Mike Nesbitt’s leadership. At this point, the new party still needs a name.

As both Basil and John lived through the fiasco of UCUNF, I can see why they aren’t rushing into a choosing a name for the party. I’m sure that SDLP activists today are glad that, over 40 years ago, their founding fathers did not go with their initial idea of naming themselves the Labour and Social Democratic Party. But the party, if it is to have any credibility, needs a new name quickly. Perhaps Slugger readers, gentle souls that they are, could make a few suggestions here? Both serious and spoof ideas are welcome. The problem is that almost every credible name for Unionist political party has already been used by some splinter at some point over the past century.

(I would suggest simply calling the Basil and John Party the New Party, but somebody else got there first.)

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  • Red Lion

    Civic progressive

    but sounds too much like a car

  • seamusot


    “We’re motoring”

  • JH


    “David, can an acronym also be the first word of the acronym? there is one for pedants.”

    As a pedant I suppose I’m entitled to answer!

    Yup, it’s a type of recursive acronym 🙂

  • David Crookes

    I feel better now, JH. Thanks!


    Of course no true pedant will allow the importation of an apostrophe.

  • David Crookes

    The Blue Lagoon Party.

    (Even more attractive than UCUNF.)

    Daring to enthuse respectable members of the electorate.

    Bold Liberal Unionism Excites Ladies And Gentlemen Of Our Nation.

  • Reader

    PUL Party (Pro-Union Liberal Party)
    Oops: “PULP”

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    What odds they might use a lovely Fianna Fáily/Fine Gaely/Sinn Féiny Irish name like ‘Na Nua-Aontachtaigh’?

  • David Crookes

    The IFLNB Party.

    In flexibility lie new beginnings. Or,

    Is fearr lúbadh ná briseadh.

  • Otto

    Quick look at the biggest Nordic liberal conservative and conservative liberal parties gives you Sweden’s Moderate Party and Norway’s Progress Party.

    Basil and John could combine those with the Moderate Progress Party.

    That would still be an improvement.

  • David Crookes

    Might members of the Moderate Progress Party be irreverently referred to as Moppets, Otto?

    I’d prefer to steal a name from the Icelandic party Björt Framtíð ( = Bright Future).

  • Otto

    That’s far too ambitious for a wet Wednesday afternoon David. Slow and steady. An agricultural pace for the farmers of South Down.

    The party strap-line could be “Careful Now”.

  • sonofstrongbow

    ‘Basil’s faulty H(ysterical) O(pportunistic) T(ragedians) E(merging) L(osers).

  • Jackie

    How about The New Brush Party?

  • David Crookes

    TIme to start up the Fabulous Party, Otto:

    (Frazer And Bryson Ulster Loyalist Orange Union Supporters).

    Slogan: “A Mars a day helps you work, rest, and get through a three-hour hunger-strike.”

    Theme-song: “I’m a bitter oul cattle-Prod”.

  • seamusot


    Hun Unionists Gagging Genuinely In Elephant Shite

  • David Crookes


    “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

    (A name?)

    If Basil and John decide to use one of our suggested names, we all want money. Loads of it. That’s only fair. Big companies pay millions for a new logo.

  • futuristic unionist conservatives with incredible talent?

  • seamusot

    Constructive Unionists Needing Tender Sympathy

  • seamusot

    Conservative Lovely Orangemen Wanting No Secterianism

  • David Crookes

    The Bee Gees. Affiliated with the party led by Beppe Grillo.

  • seamusot

    Two Wasters Against Tribal Sectarianism

  • David Crookes


    Namelessness after two weeks equals serious trouble.

  • David Crookes

    La storia di due uomini senza nome.

  • seamusjl