“I have no sensation in my head of lying down…”

I don’t normally do science posts… I usually differ to others more knowledgable than I, but this tour is just compelling from the international space station… It starts in the Japanese laboratory…


  • derrydave

    Amazing ! Going from listening to Willie Frazer on Irish Radio to watchin this – what a contrast 🙂 Although Willie is of course a bit of a space cadet himself 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Now now Dave, we have rules to keep…

  • Mick Fealty

    I played it for the kids on the tv earlier, just gripping stuff… I’d recommend the biggest screen you can hook up to watch it, not least that bit when they get to see the earth beneath them… Tingle in the toes now just typing this in…

  • derrydave

    Yeah, think I’ll have to hook it up to the TV later and show my boy – really is amazing stuff. Put’s all our petty squabbles into perspective a little bit ! Meanwhile back on planet earth…….

  • BarneyT

    Mick, thanks for that. It was a wonderful escape. Not once did I think about flags or protests 
    Now, you wouldn’t need to suffer with space issues! No pun intended.
    If you look at the level of cooperation between all participating countries, it does put our wee problems into perspective. Once highly competitive and distrustful, Russia and the US are now joined at the hip in this venture having overcome prejudice sufficiently to realise they are not that different.

    There are so many interfaces that have to work up there both technical and human and yet we can’t manage to interface even our own communities.

    Why does this work? Perhaps a common goal, shared risk and of course ambition that transcends mere borders and limiting jurisdictions, both social and physical.