Willie Frazer sabre-rattles at north Belfast rally, claims “1.5 billion (pounds) given to the IRA to keep them content.”

Flag Leader, Willie Frazer, spoke last night at the north Belfast Cambrai Street protest to a gathering of loyalists as across the city, at another interface, loyalists rioted for a fourth successive night. Frazer made a number of interesting comments during his speech (here.)

Frazer made wild allegations concerning Gerry Adams about half a minute into the clip before he alleged that  ”1.5 billion (pounds?) came into this country” to help the economy but it was “given to the IRA to keep them content.”

(That’s a helluva lot of money for ‘the IRA’ to have kept hidden!)

Frazer remarked that “I have never seen the people coming together as much as what I have seen in this last couple of weeks.” Of course, in time honoured unionist tradition, we are left to deduce that “the people” is a reference to the 48% minority of the Northern Irish population that ticked the ‘protestant’ box at census time.

I had a chance to speak about the tendency of unionist political leaders to restrict their vision of who the real ‘people’ were recently on The Nolan Show here.

Frazer went on to allege that elements in the PSNI were trying to goad the flag protesters into violence before making a number of remarks about loyalist paramilitary activity in the area in which he was speaking:

“Do not allow certain elements within the PSNI and within the government to entice you into violence because there is people within the PSNI who are setting their own colleagues up. Over 30 police officers had to leave last year… because they were found to be connected to the IRA. They were setting up their own colleagues.”

“Heaven forbid it comes to violence, because we showed the Provies, we sat back for years and then the people decided they’d had enough and they took it to the IRA and the IRA did run away because Ardoyne was empty, they wouldn’t even stay in their own houses they were that afraid of what was coming to them.”