Willie Frazer sabre-rattles at north Belfast rally, claims “1.5 billion (pounds) given to the IRA to keep them content.”

Flag Leader, Willie Frazer, spoke last night at the north Belfast Cambrai Street protest to a gathering of loyalists as across the city, at another interface, loyalists rioted for a fourth successive night. Frazer made a number of interesting comments during his speech (here.)

Frazer made wild allegations concerning Gerry Adams about half a minute into the clip before he alleged that  ”1.5 billion (pounds?) came into this country” to help the economy but it was “given to the IRA to keep them content.”

(That’s a helluva lot of money for ‘the IRA’ to have kept hidden!)

Frazer remarked that “I have never seen the people coming together as much as what I have seen in this last couple of weeks.” Of course, in time honoured unionist tradition, we are left to deduce that “the people” is a reference to the 48% minority of the Northern Irish population that ticked the ‘protestant’ box at census time.

I had a chance to speak about the tendency of unionist political leaders to restrict their vision of who the real ‘people’ were recently on The Nolan Show here.

Frazer went on to allege that elements in the PSNI were trying to goad the flag protesters into violence before making a number of remarks about loyalist paramilitary activity in the area in which he was speaking:

“Do not allow certain elements within the PSNI and within the government to entice you into violence because there is people within the PSNI who are setting their own colleagues up. Over 30 police officers had to leave last year… because they were found to be connected to the IRA. They were setting up their own colleagues.”

“Heaven forbid it comes to violence, because we showed the Provies, we sat back for years and then the people decided they’d had enough and they took it to the IRA and the IRA did run away because Ardoyne was empty, they wouldn’t even stay in their own houses they were that afraid of what was coming to them.”

  • FuturePhysicist

    Did he also care to mention how much Joe and Jill Taxpayer have to pay to deal with the violence and destruction of property? Nothing more than Austerity generators.

  • between the bridges

    WF has all the attributes required for a MP lets hope the people of mid-ulster have the good sense to elect him…

  • tacapall

    Willie Frazer should be sectioned under the mental health act he is a danger to society its becoming increasingly obvious that either he’s lost his mind or someone else is pulling his strings.

  • between the bridges

    tapcall as i was saying…

  • Obelisk

    I said in another thread Willie Frazer has a right to protest, and so he does. On the one hand, I believe that because it’s his democratic right.

    On the other hand, never so be ungracious as to interrupt your opponents when they are making a mistake. And every time he speaks he deals damage to the causes he professes to support.

  • keano10

    Surely the PSNI must have some sort of evidence to scoop this wingnut under Public Order Legislation or something.

    On a wider issue, it is becoming more and more evident that this troop of balloons have only filled the huge vacuum which has been left by the total failure of both the DUP and UUP to make any sort of visible condemnation of what is going on. The DUP are internally split on whether to support the protests and Mike Nesbitt seems to gave disappeared off the face of the planet in the past fortnight or so.

    Dont blame the natives for believing that Willie is some sort of Messiah whenever no-one else is telling them otherwise.

  • David Crookes

    ‘We will not be dictated to by gunmen, mass murderers, and paedophiles.”

    Am I dreaming, or is this man real? Gary Rochdale the anagrammatist would have been proud of him.

    Thanks for the link, Chris. Reminds me of a line from ‘The Last Battle’ by C S Lewis.

    “The dwarfs are for the dwarfs.”

  • Obelisk

    “Mike Nesbitt seems to gave disappeared off the face of the planet in the past fortnight or so…”

    Don’t you worry about Mike. While he’s busy disciplining Basil I’m sure the DUP will let us know what he would have said in due time.

  • Reader

    keano10: Surely the PSNI must have some sort of evidence to scoop this wingnut under Public Order Legislation or something.
    Probably not, since he’s arguing against violence and there’s no law against being a headcase.
    However, Gerry could have him up for libel – I expect Gerry has been waiting for years for a winnable case.

  • Chris. I think you are providing oxygen to an extreme viewpoint.
    This individual is obviously not quite right if you follow me.
    The issues at stake here are deserving of slightly more detailed analysis and although Willie is amusing, he is hardly a serious player.

  • Nordie Northsider

    It was inevitable that Willie would have a leading role in the Union flag protests after his brave stand against Italian tricolours: http://www.u.tv/news/IRA-HQ-claim-over-schools-Italian-flag/a415e119-9230-4265-b9d5-a16348618fac

  • JR

    How could we have missed the 500,000 protesters whom the news refuses to report? I don’t seem to recall hearing much about the 30 police officers forced to leave because they are connected to the IRA and for “setting up their colleges”.

    It is worrying how the protesters seem to lap up this crap. Same with the nonsense Jamie Bryon spouts.

    It is almost like they (the protesters) have delusions of grandeur and are willing to listen to anyone who reinforces this delusion.

    The sooner these people loose their sense of entitlement the better for us all.

  • tacapall


    THE DUP are seeking a review of Craigavon Council’s policy on the flying of the Union flag.

    At tonight’s council meeting the DUP have put forward a notice of motion to have the council’s current flag policy reviewed with immediate effect.

    Currently the flag flies outside the civic centre on 17 designated days for government buildings and can also be flown on certain civic occasions for example the death of a member of the Royal family.

  • JR

    Taking a such a backward step In an area with a religious breakdown of 46% Catholic 48% protestant they guarintees that when the demographic switch takes place the flag will come down for good.

  • wee buns

    Let Willie & company come to Naples…er…Dublin – and verily gnash his teeth – if people had any sense he will be met with squads of fiddles playing laments. He exemplifies ‘a spanner short of a tool box’ – he who was so incensed by the early release of republican prisoners while holding that loyalist should never have been imprisoned – at all.

  • Neil

    What’s an absolute peach (and Willie’s the gift that keeps on giving), is that when he and his chums hit Dublin to demand that the flag be removed, it won’t actually be flying. Brilliant!

    I do hope he doesn’t realise what a moron he’s going to make of himself in advance and cancel.

  • tacapall

    JR thats the way politics and democracy works I have no problem with that but like Chris said a few weeks ago nationalist controlled councils can then fly a tricolour.

  • SK

    “What’s an absolute peach (and Willie’s the gift that keeps on giving), is that when he and his chums hit Dublin to demand that the flag be removed, it won’t actually be flying.”


    It’s impossible not to like the guy.

  • Gopher


    I agree its a backward petty step I’m a designated days man myself but,

    Interestingly Craigavon’s indigenous population increase including babies born to immigrants was 6782 out of that figure we have to account for an extra 2030 Prods, 3151 atheists, 6693 Catholics and 453 various. Try make sense of that. Craigavon is now home to 5,000 plus immigrants. If the DUP can get the votes in council to change the protocol for flying the flag it is not a question of when its a question of if it come down. In Upper Bann Unionists are able to poll 59% on a 55% turnout. Nobody alive will be around to see that turnaround if infact it ever turns round.

    Look on the bright side does anyone actually go to Craigavon unless they have to?

  • Nolan Audio Boo: “Chris Donnelly, blogger for Slugger O’Toole, questions the reasons behind the recent East Belfast protests”

    Chris, are you not the unsuccessful SF candidate in 2005 for Lisburn council? If so, perhaps you should fly your political colours and recommend the Nolan Show to edit its description to a more informative one.

  • Framer

    Slugger posts read more and more like the Daily Mail on one of its hang’em and flog’em days.

  • GEF

    “THE DUP are seeking a review of Craigavon Council’s policy on the flying of the Union flag.”

    Unionists have a majority of 15 on the 26 seat council. Looks like Craigavon council is going back to flying the Union flag 365 days a year. I wonder how many other local councils with Unionist majorities will react the same way.

  • IJP

    Of course, in time honoured unionist tradition, we are left to deduce that “the people” is a reference to the 48% minority of the Northern Irish population that ticked the ‘protestant’ box at census time.

    A bit generous there, Chris – I ticked “British” and “Protestant” (actually being both and understanding what they both mean), but somehow I don’t think I’m included! 🙂

  • Zig70

    I feel sorry for Willie, he and his family have been badly hurt. The shame should be on the politicians who used his anger to their own ends. There are plenty who encouraged him when they should have been helping him find some peace.

  • Obelisk

    “I feel sorry for Willie, he and his family have been badly hurt…” Look I feel sorry for him too, I wouldn’t wish what he has had to go through on anybody. Imagine it, funeral after funeral of your loved ones who have been brutally murdered. The pain must be quite inconceivable for anyone who hasn’t been through it.

    The tragedy of Willie Frazer though is that he has allowed the grief he has suffered to warp him. He advocates not on behalf of all victims, but victims from his own side. Did he not even say he had a lot of time for the monstrous Billy Wright?

    I feel enormous pity for the man. But we can’t allow him to inflict his warped worldview on the rest of us.

  • Mark

    Would the real Willie Frazer please stand up ……

    A senior garda described Willie as a member of the Red Hand Commandos at the Smithwick Tribunal . The EU want their grant monies back from FAIR ( 350,000 ) . Allegations of misappropriation of funds . He was recently stopped and searched under anti terror laws by the PSNI . No matter how many times he applies for a PPW , he’s told where to go because of his alleged ties to loyalist terrorists .

    His performance last night with comments about Gerry Adams show how low and desperate this guy has become . Can the loyalist / Unionist community not see what damage this guy has done to tarnish their reputation on the international stage ?

    All you need to do is watch the expressions on the faces of the various news readers from BBC / RTE / SKY / UTV etc after watching a report come in from East Belfast …. or an interview from Willie or Jamie etc …..

    God help us all if he makes it down to Dublin !

  • Chris Donnelly

    I couldn’t disagree more. Problems persist when they are ignored, and the narrow-minded agenda being pursued by Frazer deserves to be put in the spotlight, as was the case for Jamie Bryson, who has been floundering like a fish out of water in each media interview since coming into view late last week.

    I did contest an election for Sinn Fein in 2005 but am not a party member today, nor have I been one for several years (couldn’t give the time commitment I felt was necessary, no reason beyond that as remain very supportive of party agenda but willing to be openly critical when need arises.)

    I don’t really care how I’m introduced to an audience, but it’s hardly unusual to avoid listing everything in one’s background in such circumstances. I can think of commentators with previous political roles which aren’t mentioned each time they’re introduced.

    Think you may be right- the chosen ‘people’ may indeed be a more select bunch than even I envisaged…;)

  • babyface finlayson

    He has suffered a lot and probably deserves pity more than the contempt this post invites us to show.
    The problem is he seems to be tapping into the feeling on the street in some loyalist areas and he is dangerously inflaming tensions.
    I hope he has enough sense left, to see how much worse this could get.

  • Mark

    BF ,

    I felt a bit like that considering his personal history ….even after the ” IRA training school ” accusation . His attempts at citizens arrests up in South Armagh while comical shows he has some guts however his behaviour in the last three weeks has shown he doesn’t care how the flag issue turns out , he has tried his hardest to raise tensions and he seems intent ( and gets a warped enjoyment ) on seeing the two communities at each others throats .

    He knows this could all end in tragedy . He doesn’t deserve an ounce of pity ….IMO.

  • MrPMartin

    Frazier should get as much publicity at possible to show the world just how bankrupt and bigoted and supremacist loyalism is. Frazer is a window into the dark heart of loyalism.

    I can’t help but feel he’s the reincarnation of that bygone halfwit George Seawright. Loyalism throws these people up (literally) every so often.

    Poor Willy Frazer. He’s a flutter short of a flag. He doesn’t look like he has a lot of chewing gum stuck to his bedpost does he? Sorry for man playing but he is nakedly sectarian, libellous and racist. Have you read his Wikipedia article and his derogatory remarks about people from Pakistan and India?

    IMHO when someone is openly racist and sectarian them they stop being a man and become a ball. Or ballbag

  • galloglaigh

    I have to agree with Mark, he deserves no pity.

    A thought that came to me today is Willie’s health. This is not a go at Willie Frazer, it’s a genuine concern. I’ve had many a go at Willie on Slugger (if the missus read that I’d be divorced), but this is not one of them.

    Does anyone know anything about the cancer he had? Is it curable, or is it terminal? It’s not that I care either way, it may have consequences for us all. If terminal, could Willie be making his last mark on history?

    Again, it’s not an attack on the man, it’s a genuine approach in trying to understand the situation. He could be, and is, very dangerous.

  • David Crookes

    Several recent commentators have told me a lot about WF that I didn’t know, so I heartily repent of my own comments. But I reckon that other people need to repent as well. Who are they?

    The wanting-to-be-aroused people who act as an audience for WF. The people who roar with approval when he makes some wild over-the-top charge WHICH THEY ALL KNOW IS UNTRUE.

    Mob oratory depends on the flow of two different currents. The listeners feed on the words of their leader, while the leader feeds on the attention and approval of his listeners. They enjoy being whipped, and he enjoys whipping them. Reason disappears, hatred boils up, and energies are evoked which may discharge themselves in cruel acts of crime.

    An orator is more and not less dangerous when he departs from rationality and makes wild charges. His charges will strike distant reasonable persons as laughably wild, but his listeners are so imbued with lunatic seriousness that they may take one of his charges, and run with it.

    The listeners of an aggrieved mob orator are often prepared to feed cannibalistically upon his grief. Their lunatic corporate seriousness may have a lot to do with the fact that they all take themselves far too seriously.

    It is possible that some new vision will be born in the heart or the ‘middle’ of the loyalist communities. Whoever tries to articulate that new vision must be able to make people laugh at themselves.

    A mad excess of earnestness will bring the Troubles back.

  • aquifer

    Sounds like we should also be flying the Portuguese flag in Craigavon three days a year, and presumably the rainbow flag at least 10% of the time.

    Ian Paisleys mantra of majority rule seems to have been a massive faux pas.

    Would flying a red white and blue tricolour keep everyone happy?

    I thought not, especially in January.

  • Neil

    Would flying a red white and blue tricolour keep everyone happy?

    The French would probably be happy.

  • galloglaigh

    The French would probably be happy

    I think Willie’s in bad enough humour, without you testing his colour-blindness again!

  • Not at all surprised that Frazer’s comments included Ardnoyne, throughout the last century my local community has been on the recieving end of violent Unionism…

    As recently as 2001, the World watched as young Schoolkids from Ardoyne were subjected to months of sick secterian abuse from thugs in Glenbryn..

    The local PIRA and INLA at the time demonstrated massive restraint and disipline in not responding to Loyalist attacks on Ardoyne homes and Schoolchildren…

    If Frazer and his ilk are wanting to target Ardoyne again, as the Short Strand has been, then we’re all in for a long, long year..

  • “I don’t really care how I’m introduced to an audience”

    Fair enough, Chris, but I was thinking of the position of the listeners; you could have ‘corrected’ the interviewer and enlightened the audience. It ill-befits anyone with intimate links to the Provisional Republican Movement to pontificate on ‘restricted vision’ or ‘sabre-rattling’.

  • michael-mcivor

    They laughed at another wee idiot in germany during the 1920s-and look at how that ended up-


    This video is a sad but true reflection of loyalism. Those clapping and barking like trained seals when WF comes off with the most outragous statements are to be pityed, and even more so when WF shouts the words ‘paedophile’ and there are children all around him in the crowd.

    These protests are nothing more than BNP/NF/EDL protests in disguise and its sad that some parents find it acceptable to bring their children along to these gatherings of knuckledraggers and sectarian bigots. Sad!

  • MrPMartin

    Michael McIvor

    Good point. Thank goodness NI is not in Central Europe with a population of 80 million

    I doubt the EU would allow Fuehrer ( or in Ullans, Wile Big Da) Frazer taking power

  • MrPMartin

    Did the ANC seek accommodation with racist Afrikaaner thinking? no, they sought a society of EQUALITY with then

    Similar for unionism/loyalism. Perhaps we should seek to rule as equals with their people but not with their racist/ homophobic/ sectarian ethos. What coalition could good have with evil

  • Trapattoni


    Ian Paisleys mantra of majority rule seems to have been a massive faux pas.

    The new mantra is a majority of the majority, it’s very complicated according to Willie.

  • galloglaigh

    Just listened to Willie on Jeremy Vine, making a complete asshole of himself as usual.

  • dnotice

    Did nobody hear Willie on the PM Programme, with Eddie Mair yesterday? Willie was led into saying that he understood why the Catholics in N.Ireland had turned to violence. A bizarre, but perhaps worrying acknowledgement. (Available on the BBC iplayer I am sure.).