Our Time? Our Place?

Your captions are welcomed.

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  • sherdy


  • That Time, That Place

  • galloglaigh

    Our Time, Our Place: No Surrender

  • galloglaigh

    No joke I seen a numberplate on a trailer in Derry the other day

    S05 FGU

    Save Our Souls For God and Ulster.

    It’s a guy who trains people for the trailer test.

  • derrydave


  • Granni Trixie

    “The unionist family” (to quote Arlene Foster on the news tonight).
    Silly old me to think that we were ALL included in our time,our place.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Save Our Souls For God and Ulster.’

    Do they include Donegal & Cavan & Monaghan in Ulster or are the poor Prods in those counties not eh favoured by God ?

    And how do they know that God gives a damn either way about Ulster ?

    Lets face it- if JC were to return to Earth and start preaching all that ‘love your neighbour even if he/she’s a Fenian or a Hun stuff ‘ on the streets of Belfast he might avoid being recrucified by the knucklegrounders but he’d probably have his head kicked in at minimum .:(

    Oh I’m digressing – For the caption

    Flag waver at edge : ‘I’m at the end of my tatter ‘

  • Greenflag, I promised to let you know when my brother’s book came out. Details in “Are our versions of history sundering or reconciling us? (5) ” thread

  • keano10

    Twas our time and twas our place
    The world looked on and prayed
    Until some flag just got misplaced
    And hope began to fade

    Threats of death, all roads shut
    No sign of festive cheer
    Basil’s off to tan his butt
    And Santa wont be here…


  • David Crookes

    Orange on top, green republicanism underneath, and yellow Alliance on the bottom. Well, some people will be pleased.

  • Greenflag

    @ mister joe ,

    Thanks Joe I’ll have a gander on the morrow and a goose the day after 😉

  • Greenflag

    Greenflag with orange/gold harp centre motif and both tricolour & union jack joined together on small inset say 10% of flag area at bottom right hand tail of new flag signifying the histories of and roles of both current states in the formation of the new Second Republic . And as we’ll probably have been invited to rejoin the Commonwealth the part union jack insert will be recognition of the traditions of the British minority on the island .

    I’ll leave any new anthem to the musical composers of the future -just not Danny Boy -in no ways Danny Boy –

  • Rombustious

    “Support is flagging for togetherness in Norn Iron”. The old ones are best.