No one questioned the viability of “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” line?

Jason O’Mahony touches on what is going to be a real problem for Labour next time out, the fact that they have already broken through their own red line issues in the last election campaign.

…the need for more in-depth polling because government needs consent to make decisions, and that means knowing what the public actually know, and actively correcting the myths, something this government has been shockingly ineffectual at.

One of the biggest surprises of the last 18 months has been the revelation that Fine Gael and Labour, as proven by the litany of broken commitments, were almost completely unprepared for the task of leadership once the election campaign was over.

The fact that no one in Eamonn Gilmore’s office, for example, questioned the viability of the “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” line must surely pose a question: how incompetent are these guys? [Emphasis added]

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  • Eamonn Gilmore and the Frankfurt’s way video [youtube].

    “how incompetent are these guys?”

    The Gilmore slogan is merely that; it’s the sort of thing that’s floated at election time and when you’re a party in opposition. I’d pose the question, “How potent are minority parties in coalition governments?”. London, Dublin and Belfast illustrate a lack of potency; they also illustrate a lack of competence by governments in the face of powerful interests.

  • Mick Fealty

    You are quick to dismiss it Nev, but that slogan was not worth the paper it was written on the day it was written. I know we’re so inured to top down make it up as you go along politics, but this could have massive consequences for Eamon and Co…

    Not to mention a great payout for Gerry, Micheal and Co…

  • “this could have massive consequences for Eamon and Co…”

    Mick, that follows on from my question about minority parties in coalitions. When you open the lens you can see what is happening to the UUP and SDLP here and I’d think is likely to happen to Labour in Dublin and the Libdems in London.

    “Not to mention a great payout for Gerry, Micheal and Co…”

    I think I’ll continue to draw a distinction between the likes of parapoliticians like Gerry and politicians like Micheál.

    “I know we’re so inured to top down make it up as you go along politics”

    My political analysis has only been maturing for twenty years but my broad spectrum of connections, political and otherwise, goes back about fifty years. Garret Fitzgerald and Conor Cruise O’Brien had great week-ends in Corrymeela in the 72/3 season. Garret was keen to return soon afterwards but found himself in government a few weeks later, alongside Conor.

  • wee buns

    ‘Frankfurt’s way’ is yesterday’s joke.
    Today Labour’s explicit pre election promise not to cut child benefit is what sticks in the craw after a budget spectacular in it’s regressive content – which has done exactly that, as well as attacked children (weeks after passing a ‘children’s referendum’!), carers, the vulnerable in other words. The bill was voted through last night by Labour with the sole objector being Colm Keaveney (about to appear on Vincent Browne show 11pm TV3)- should be interesting – is he some kind of TOKEN objector?) raising questions of principle and election promises in tatters .
    You have to ask yourself what planet Labour now thinks it inhabits – they can’t even see it – just as FF was blind to it’s own fate Labour is screwed for credibility now. Very screwed.

  • Roncol

    @ Mick I remember speaking to the Galway windbag’s deputy, Ms. Burton directly after a range of his solo speeches.

    Bad and all as the Frankfurt one was, the promise not to make any cuts in (core) Social Welfare payments or increases in (basic) taxation she was appalled and said that they could not stand the test of time.

    The SW issues were clear to anyone who had bothered to read the actuarial report on the Social Insurance Fund to 2000

    The problem of course is where Joan Burton had read it, he or his advisors had not.

    Beyond that, SW expenditure is running around €850M ahead of where it was supposed to be under the FF/Troika agreement, 50% due to unemployment and other issues with the balance due to the underestimation of the cost of pensions.

    Substantial additional cuts are required next year, whoever is in power because there was a complete failure 15 years ago to plan for compound 5% increase in pension costs, which will happen every year for some time. And that is without any increase in pension rates.