No one questioned the viability of “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” line?

Jason O’Mahony touches on what is going to be a real problem for Labour next time out, the fact that they have already broken through their own red line issues in the last election campaign.

…the need for more in-depth polling because government needs consent to make decisions, and that means knowing what the public actually know, and actively correcting the myths, something this government has been shockingly ineffectual at.

One of the biggest surprises of the last 18 months has been the revelation that Fine Gael and Labour, as proven by the litany of broken commitments, were almost completely unprepared for the task of leadership once the election campaign was over.

The fact that no one in Eamonn Gilmore’s office, for example, questioned the viability of the “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” line must surely pose a question: how incompetent are these guys? [Emphasis added]

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